Monday, November 29

Alcoy installs eleven new free WiFi points thanks to the Wifi4EU network

The WiFi connection has been installed both indoors and outdoors in the municipality.

The WiFi connection has been installed both indoors and outdoors in the municipality.

Provide citizens with access to Public Internet, fast, safe and of quality. It is the objective of the European WiFi4EU network, to which Alcoy has also joined and which has allowed it to install eleven new WiFi hotspots, through its program Smart City. These new entrances have been arranged in different public spaces of the city, thanks to a grant of 15,000 euros from the European Commission. Its installation has been awarded to the company Telefónica de España SAU, responsible for the supply of material and licenses, configuration and commissioning of the service.

In this way, since the beginning of last February, Alcoy count with one exterior access point in Plaça de Dins, one in Plaza de España, one in the Tourist Office and one in the Caramanxel sports center. In the Francisco Laporta sports center there is an outdoor access point and other two interiors, while two exterior access points have been installed in the Paseo de Cervantes and another two in the La Glorieta park.

According to the Councilor for Modernization of the Administration, Alberto Belda, “this service is provided through a agreement signed with the Executive Agency for Innovation and Networks, within the framework of this European initiative, which contemplates the financing of a network to offer citizens a high quality experience ”. The connection will be equivalent to the fastest available in the internet wholesale market in the area, with a minimum of download in any case of 30 Megabits per second (Mbps).

The WiFi is configured to automatically recognize the same free access for at least 12 hours

Being an open network, no need to provide authentication information. In other words, the use of a password or any other type of registration is not required. Thus, with a single click, the user is redirected to the access portal and from here, they can navigate for free unlimitedly. Wi-Fi is configured to automatically recognize the same Free access for at least 12 hours. After that time, all you will have to do to continue using the network is to access the service again through the welcome portal.

This includes a disclaimer notice in which users are clearly informed that Wifi4EU is a network open to the public, so it includes the precautionary recommendations that are usually issued when accessing the Internet through this type of network.

With these grants, with a global budget of 120 million euros, the European Commission aims to promote free connectivity via WiFi in public spaces throughout Europe.

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