Monday, November 29

Alcoy Modernist Fair 2021

The Paseo de Cervantes brought together residents and visitors in the traditional modernist picnic where the typical clothing of the time could be seen. | JUANI RUZ

On the first day of the weekend and from early in the morning and on the occasion of the official inauguration, a number of neighbors dressed in period clothing were concentrating in the Plaza de España to accompany the authorities to the Glorieta for the inauguration of the traditional Fira located in this central park. To gain access, two security people regulated access and distributed both the regulations of the acts and hydroalcoholic gel.

The triumph of modernist Alcoy

The institutional delegation was made up of the mayor, Toni Francés, the mayor of Tourism, Lorena Zamorano, the deputy, Patricia Blanquer and the general director of Tourism, Herick Campos, as well as the rest of the members of the municipal corporation. The Grup de Danses el Carrascal entertained the official opening with their dances.

The triumph of modernist Alcoy

In this edition, the Tourism and Tradition Fair has some municipalities in the province as well as different entities of the city, among which the Brownsea Scout Group stands out, which turns 50 and wanted to show the uniforms of the time as well as perform some traditional games for the little ones. Hats, typical products as well as crafts from the modernist era gave life to other of the stalls in this edition.

Promotion of restoration

The calm morning was interrupted by the firefighters who, as is tradition, made an emergency exit, sowing the alarm through the streets of the city center. Different shows gave life to some open-air spaces and stages and continued to sow modernist magic around the city.

After these hard months in which the hospitality industry has suffered the consequences regulations derived from the pandemic, the Modernista Fair has been an impulse for the restaurants in the downtown area that hung the complete in reservations throughout the day, both at lunch and dinner. A piece of information that indicates that residents and visitors have gone out to enjoy all the events and activities offered by the event program.

The Paseo de Cervantes has also been a meeting point for another year. Towards noon many people have gathered in this park to enjoy the traditional modernist picnic In which, in addition to the clothes, peculiar baskets and tablecloths could be seen. The mayor of Tourism, Lorena Zamorano was proud of the support that citizens had made in the previous days as well as on the first day of the weekend. He assured that “tomorrow we will be able to carry out a more complete assessment but the prognosis is very good considering the situation we are in, that it has been possible to celebrate it is already a success and people are enjoying it.

The events will continue today throughout the day. The cemetery will host a guided tour with modernist touches who has also posted the complete one. The Glorieta Fair will continue to be open throughout the morning and the Calderón Theater will host a modernist music concert by the Alcoy Symphony Orchestra.

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