Thursday, December 2

Alcoy opens the schools on the weekend with recreational and educational activities


Christmas gymkhana at the Colegio Romeral de Alcoy
Juani Ruz

Enjoy weekends at school, a new concept in Alcoy that the City Council has launched for all the children of the city. A calendar of recreational and educational activities that offers the opportunity for schools to open their doors to safe fun in this new normal in which the entertainment offer has had to be reduced due to the coronavirus.

The schools Horta Major, San Vicent, El Romeral Y Miguel Hernandez from Alcoy, now they also offer classes on weekends. Sessions that are very different from those that schoolchildren are used to during the week and that aim to guarantee the entertainment of the little ones under safe conditions. Dance, creativity, gymkhanas, sport or Christmas-themed activities give life to this initiative that the Alcoy City Council has launched so that children have entertainment options by reducing the cultural and leisure offer of the city due to to the health crisis.

As explained by the mayor of Education, Alberto Belda, “these are activities that have started with a double objective, on the one hand to offer safe leisure in the face of the drop in the cultural and entertainment offer due to the restrictions set by the coronavirus and on the other, to reinforce the companies that are dedicated to carrying out this type of activities that with the decrease of extracurricular activities have seen their income suffer ”.

He points out that «it was a project that we had already had in mind for a long time, above all to decentralize the activities of the sports center and give the opportunity for children of infant and primary age to get to know other schools, on the other hand, like each of the four centers are in a different neighborhood and activities are changing because in this way everyone can enjoy this safe leisure close to home ».

Regarding the response of the families, Paco Miró, head of the company that organizes the activities, indicates that «it is being very positive, it is true that fear is very present and that there are still people reluctant to allow children to mix with others that they are not those of their class group but when they come and see that all the measures are fulfilled and above all that the children leave happy and that it is a good escape route for them because that makes them talk with other families and little by little there is more participation ».

Regarding the programming, it indicates that “it is made up of a variety of themes, sports are also included and clubs in the city will be involved to give sessions on specific disciplines.”

They are expected to last until the end of the school year and to continue after the pandemic since, as Belda affirms, “it is very important that public schools can open their doors on weekends for leisure and that the leisure and leisure offer is fragmented. do not stay in a single point ».

The schedules and activities can be consulted on the City Council’s social networks and on the municipal website.

The programming is varied in terms of disciplines and themes. | JUANI RUZ

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