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Alcoy seeks a budget with the highest possible consensus for 2021

General view of the city of Alcoy showing its size.

General view of the city of Alcoy showing its size.

The Government of Alcoy has been working on the 2021 Budget for a long time, has held meetings with the different municipal groups and has provided them with a document with the main pillars for consensus.

It is important to note that this year 2020 we are experiencing a great health crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This global health crisis has also had a great social and economic impact.

From the different administrations, measures have been carried out to try to alleviate the economic and social crisis as much as possible, which always causes an increase in inequalities with loss of productive fabric and jobs. We must highlight the EREs, ICO loans, direct aid or minimum vital income.

The City Council of Alcoy has also carried out different aids through the ReactivAlcoi plan with 800,000 euros in different aids for hiring, also for professionals and artisans of the Fiesta, commerce, SMEs and freelancers, local artists or to do against the monthly rent for the business premises, among others. In addition to this aid, tax credits have also been made to help companies and citizens and social aid has been extended to the most vulnerable families, expanding social aid to up to 800,000 euros.

“To deal with this situation, all administrations must draw up a budget with the greatest possible consensus aimed at overcoming the situation caused by the pandemic. We want to propose a budget based on the institutional agreement promoted by the Govern Valencià with the political forces, the set of institutions and the economic and social fabric ”, affirms the mayor of Alcoy, Toni Francés. “We want to achieve a budget with the greatest consensus in our city,” said the mayor.

The local government has proposed a document with 6 fundamental pillars: economic reactivation, social shield, industrial impulse, improvement of infrastructures and maintenance of the city, decarbonisation and execution of European funds and access to new programs.

Economic Reactivation

It will be carried out with the Reactiva Alcoy Grants: Commerce, the self-employed, SMEs and micro-small businesses, the local Employment Plans, with the collaboration of the City Council and the Generalitat in the regional employment plans, with an increase in public investment, support campaigns to local commerce, creation of the local public company and progress of the Smart City project.

As for the basic social shield, it is essential to alleviate the increase in inequalities caused by the crisis, there will be a reinforcement of social inclusion policies, an increase in social emergency aid, rehabilitation of buildings and empty flats to be allocated to vulnerable groups, measures, educational, cultural and sports reinforcement, unwanted loneliness program, promotion of housing cooperatives, increase in the public housing stock and reinforcement of the personnel of the department of social services.

It also wants to carry out the industrial impulse through the Impulse of human and industrial talent, the modernization of industrial areas, innovation and industrial digitization, as well as the improvement of positioning.

Another important point is the improvement of infrastructures and the maintenance of the city, with an increase in the maintenance of the city, the redevelopment of public spaces, reform of the Rosaleda, improvement of mobility and improvement and expansion of cultural spaces and sports.

It is also important to highlight the decarbonisation that is to be achieved through the promotion of sustainable mobility, the electrification of public transport and the vehicle fleet, the improvement of energy efficiency in public buildings, the promotion of the production of renewable energies and the implementation of pedestrianization.

Likewise, the execution of European funds and access to new programs will be implemented with the design of the Urban Agenda 2030, the execution of EDUSI Alcoi Demà and the preparation of projects with the European Reconstruction Fund.

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