Tuesday, October 19

Alcoy suspends sports activities and closes playgrounds due to the increase in coronavirus cases

The mayor of Alcoy and the municipal government spokesman announcing the new restrictions this morning.

The mayor of Alcoy and the municipal government spokesman announcing the new restrictions this morning.

The Alcoy City Council has decided suspend all sporting activities and close children’s play areas from the parks from tomorrow until January 4, given the escalation of coronavirus cases in recent days. The incidence has skyrocketed to 318.68 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, after having been slightly down since the beginning of November, as the mayor, Toni Francés, has pointed out this morning. Therefore, given this “very worrying increase”, it has been considered appropriate “to take complementary measures” to try to reverse the situation.

Tourist and cultural activities are also suspended, although museums are still open and, above all, representations of the Tirisiti nativity scene remain and the programming of the Calderón Theater. The spokesman for the government team, Jordi Martínez, points out that in this case they are considered to be “safe activities that have their control protocol”, both in terms of capacity and access control as well as hygiene measures . The representations of Tirisiti, which have already been held for schoolchildren in the city, will begin open to the general public this Wednesday 23rd.

On the Three Kings Parade, the first mayor has stressed that “Their Majesties will arrive” in Alcoy, but that “with this situation it is impossible to foresee now what we will do.” It works, Frances said, in different possible scenarios “depending on how everything evolves”, although in any case “health has been, is and will be the absolute priority in any event organized by the City Council.”

More than 100 infected in the two affected residences

The mayor has insisted on the “direct relationship between holidays and covid-19 cases” and has blamed the increase in recent days on the last bridge of December 8. However, it has also targeted outbreaks recorded in the Mariola residence for the elderly, in the Preventorio area, and in Emilio Sala. Both, as French has explained, add up to a total of 107 cases. In the first, 55 are affected, 38 users and 17 workers; the deceased now number 10, all of them residents. Likewise, in the Emilio Sala nursing home, located in the center of Alcoy, there are 52 infected, of them 34 residents and 18 employees; In this enclosure there are no deaths at the moment, but four people are “in a more serious situation,” said the mayor.

Francés added that, despite everything, “the hospital pressure is not high” at the moment. Right now, at the Virgen de los Lirios Hospital there are a total of 19 patients with coronavirus admitted, 17 of whom are on the ward and two in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).


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