Wednesday, February 28

Alcoy will study with Culture the cases in which it must justify the execution of works in the center

Alcoy City Council will study with the Ministry of Culture the cases in which it must justify, through a report, the execution of works in the historic center, after the warning issued by the regional department for not having complied with this procedure in the reform of Sant Francesc street and Ramón y Cajal square. This was stated yesterday in full by the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Works, Jordi Martínez, when asked about this issue by the municipal spokesman for the PP, Quique Ruiz. As he said, there has already been a meeting with representatives of the Ministry to determine this issue and, henceforth, to be able to act with greater security.

The popular spokesman regretted the recrimination of Culture to the City Council for having carried out works on a Property of Cultural Interest (BIC) such as the historic center without having previously sent a report. Ruiz urged the government team to explain why the required documentation had not been sent, and appealed to “comply with the Heritage Law.” Likewise, he criticized that this step has not taken place in the works of Sant Maure, Santa Rita and El Tap streets, which are currently being carried out.

Jordi Martínez insisted on the commitment of the government team to clarify with the Ministry of Culture the cases in which a report is required for the execution of works. However, he also defended carrying out small-scale work, because issuing a report in all cases would be “unsustainable” due to the consequent delay. In addition, he assured that “so far this documentation had not been requested” for something similar.

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This was one of the most relevant issues addressed in yesterday’s plenary session, in which issues unrelated to municipal politics or the powers of the City Council occupied a large part of the debate, as they were raised in motions by opposition groups. Among the issues that were brought forward, the Municipal Plan for Drug Addiction and Other Addictive Behaviors 2022-2025 stood out, approved unanimously and without even needing any debate. The government team also accepted a request from Guanyar Alcoi to carry out a campaign to support municipal libraries, although the mayor of Culture, Raül Llopis, argued that the recent closure of the La Uixola reading room for several days has been exceptional.

On the other hand, Citizens asked to know what steps have been taken to create a pet cemetery, an initiative approved a few months ago at the request of this group. The councilor responsible for this matter, Teresa Sanjuán, explained that it has been considered that the most suitable location is next to the Animal Shelter, and that a Master Plan has been commissioned to develop this project.

58 buildings inspected after storm Gloria

Alcoy City Council inspected after the Gloria storm 58 damaged buildings, as explained by the mayor Jordi Martínez, in this case as head of Urban Planning, in response to another question from the PP spokesman, Quique Ruiz. As he explained, 15 properties were given a green badge and the owners of all, except one, presented the corresponding evaluation reports, and four have resulted in sanctions. Another 27 received a yellow label, and one of them ended up in a ruin file, as did 13 of the 16 properties that were marked in red.

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