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Alcoy women in memory

Students of the teacher Elena García Gisbert in 1938 and that after the war was purified.

Students of the teacher Elena García Gisbert in 1938 and that after the war was purified.

The repression suffered by 200 prominent women during the republican era and later the Franco regime has been the subject of analysis in the book “Time of Shadows, the Repression in Alcoy”. A copy that reels a crude chapter for more than 3,000 people from Alcoy, among which this group of women stand out. His political ideals contrary to those that reigned in the first phase, during the republican era and from 1939 with the arrival of Franco, were the object of this suffering. A fact that Guanyar Alcoy demands that it be recognized in some way by the local government and that their names be engraved in the memory of the city.

The historians and researchers Josep Lluís Santonja, Angel Beneito, Francisco Moreno have given the green light to the history of the 3,000 reprisals from Alcoy who suffered the consequences of their ideology. The study contemplates two stages, a first one that illustrates the repressions due to the opposition to leftist ideas and a second one, with the discriminations caused by the establishment of Franco, although repression reigned in both intervals.

Former court and prison building. information

The director of the municipal archive of Alcoy, Josep Lluís Santonja, who participated in the research and editing of the book, indicated that «during our analysis we have seen that female purification during the Republican era was centered on teachers who had a Catholic tendency or were on the right, they were undoubtedly the most persecuted ». However, he stressed that “with the arrival of the Franco regime all the nurses who worked in the civil hospital when the war ended went to the streets; a fact that shows that in the end the distinction of ideologies was punished according to who governed at that time.

Regarding the consequences that the repression had for many of these women Santonja explained that “there were some who went into exile, others who were prosecuted and others who were in jail.”

In the studies carried out there are some of the names that sound the loudest. Palmira Laliga stands out in a remarkable way; This woman was a representative of the Socialist Party and for this she was retaliated. It also highlights the persecution of Manuela Botella, daughter of the mayor who, despite seeing her father killed, had to go to jail.

In Santonja’s words “if one of the relatives was on the list, the surnames were searched and the rest of the members of the list were persecuted, so in this case many women were affected.”

Act of proclamation of “Miss Republic”, with the daughter of the mayor of Alcoy Evaristo Botella who was arrested after the war. information


After the publication of this book, the political group Guanyar Alcoy requested the municipal plenary session to recognize the street for at least 122 women of all those mentioned in this study.

The request was rejected in the session but from the party they reiterate the importance of carrying out some type of recognition, especially those who suffered repression during the Franco era and thus eliminate the vestiges that remain in the city about this time.

They assure that this was one of the proposals contemplated within the 2015-2019 Equality Plan of the city and that at the moment it has not been fulfilled so what they request is materialized.

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