Thursday, November 26

Alcoyano affirms that the loss of Jona and Solbes against Hercules benefits both clubs

Forward Jona, left, in his preseason debut for Alcoyano against Peña Raval.  |  INFORMATION

Forward Jona, left, in his preseason debut for Alcoyano against Peña Raval. | INFORMATION

The Alcoyano sports director, José Luis González, yesterday downplayed the fact that defender José Solbes and forward Jona Mejía could not play this Sunday (17.00) the provincial derby against Hercules at home, corresponding to the opening day that did not It could be disputed in its day by two positives in the Rico Pérez squad. “These are agreements that the clubs reached, this time we both benefited and little more needs to be said,” he explained about the clause that prevents both players from playing against the Herculaneum at El Collao.

For González, they are two totally different cases and he explained that “José Solbes is an assignment, so it is common for these types of clauses to be put in place. With regard to Jona, in the negotiation for him to come to Alcoyano, Hercules suggested this possibility, the relations between both clubs are good and we did not see any impediment to its inclusion in his contract.

Despite being a player with a sub’23 card, Solbes was one of the surprises in the starting lineup against Orihuela at Los Arcos in the only match Alcoyano has played so far with a score of zero. Jona Mejía also made his debut as an Alcoyanista in that game, although he entered from the bench.

Regarding the provincial derby on Sunday, González explained that “Hercules is the favorite, along with Ibiza and Villarreal B and they have the best squad. However, in a rivalry game anything can happen, we will try to play our tricks and take the three points, “he concluded.

The Herculaneum Pedro Torres, yesterday with the technician Cubillo. | HÉCTOR FUENTES

Torres and Manu, with Hercules

Meanwhile, Hercules yesterday incorporated midfielder Pedro Torres to the preparation of the provincial derby after almost a month absent from training due to the viral process he has overcome. Striker Manu Garrido also participated in the work session at the Joaquín Villar athletics stadium, recovered from the discomfort that prevented him from playing against Peña Deportiva on Sunday (1-0). The absences in training with the group were those of the injured Acuña, Jon Erice, Pedro Sánchez and Benja, who will not be at El Collao.

Everything indicates that coach David Cubillo will once again put Sergio Buenacasa in attack, who yesterday completed a remarkable training session with several goals in the preparation game. The Aragonese attacker acknowledged that he feels “anxious” to score his first goal, after ruining good chances in Paterna against Valencia Mestalla and on Sunday against Peña Deportiva. “Not an obsession for not marking, but self-demand,” Buenacasa explained yesterday. «I am my first critic and the hardest, something that I think does not help me because it pissed me off. I may be anxious at the individual level for not having scored that first goal because I want to help the team, but the important thing many times is to generate opportunities and have them. The Aragonese striker added that, more than a starter, he feels “important and prepared” for when Cubillo decides to have him and regretted that the derby has to be played without an audience because “it loses its essence, which is the people.”

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