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Alcoyano smiles again

A dangerous move by Alcoyano that thwarts the Atlético Levante goalkeeper with his fists.  |  JUANI RUZ

A dangerous move by Alcoyano that thwarts the Atlético Levante goalkeeper with his fists. | JUANI RUZ

Alcoyano players celebrate Ñíguez’s goal. | JUANI RUZ

A year and a half later, Alcoyano won again in Second B, thanks to a penalty from Jony Ñíguez against Levante Atlético. Between May 2019 (2-3 at Peralada) and November 2020 so many things have happened that it seems to have been a greater period: descent to Third, historical records in the season in “hell”, pandemic, promotion with suffering and start of the campaign with postponements due to positives in covid-19. So long after, El Collao smiled again, although his hobby had to do it at home.

The duel began with the two squads fighting for every meter to try to impose themselves on the rival. Such was the equality that at the beginning of the clash Alcoyano and Levante Atlético only knew how to disturb the goalkeepers with a couple of fouls close to the area. That of the locals, after a good individual action by Raíllo, was sent by Jordán to the barrier. The one for the visitors was thrown by Ferni too high.

Once the introductions were made, he had to let go of his hair. The first to seriously warn was the Granota subsidiary, with a hard shot again from Ferni after an excellent long delivery from the opposite side. The auction found the solid response of veteran José Juan. Shortly after, a good skirmish by Soberón inside the Alcoy area did not find a finisher in his pass back, but the saving feet of one of the local defenders.

With the feeling of a suffering Alcoyano, Vicente Parras’s men threw themselves into the arms of Juli, Jona and Raíllo. It was not a bad plan, because between the three they began to create serious headaches to the beardless Levantine defense. The first to warn in a strategic action was Jony Ñíguez, who sent a dead ball sky high almost in the small area. Half an hour after the crash, Juli led a counter on the right that, after an involuntary stop by Jona, Angel crashed into the post when he was almost celebrating the goal. It was a matter of seconds that the celebration, this time, was complete in Alcoyano. Another interned on the right of Juli ended in a penalty, thanks to Rafa. An action not without debate, as the ball first hit the defender’s body. The only thing clear is that he hit her on the hand. From there, it is a matter of changes of criteria and regulations that occur each season, whether they are signaled or not. This time it was a penalty and Jony made it 1-0 with suspense, as his execution hit the post before hitting the net. The goal took a toll on both teams’ morale. For good in Alcoyano, who pressed in search of the second before the break. And for bad at Levante Atlético, who needed halftime to get their ideas in order. When returning from changing rooms it was Juli, who else, the one who had the first chance of the second half. Little by little, the party followed the script that interested Parras’s men. The Granota subsidiary had the ball, but it was not dangerous. Alcoyano awaited their options on the counterattack behind.

The change carousel allowed the locals to oxygenate the team and put more doses of chloroform into the game. The veterans (Juli, Jona and Jony) gave way to Mourad, Camacho and Diakité, who allowed them to maintain the defensive strength that the Valencian team was unable to overcome. Given the abusive ball possession data from Levante Atlético, José Juan did not have to make a single intervention in the second act of the match. With the end nearing, the tension in the environment and the pressure of the subsidiary increased. Blesa touched the tie in a shot to the post, in the only really clear occasion. The nervousness had its peak in the last shift of local substitutions, in which Ramón was left without entering the field of play due to a lack of understanding between the Alcoy bench and the referee team. Parras, faced with the situation, paid for his frustration with a strong blow to an armchair. Its players knew how to control the situation in the final moments and, a year and a half later, Alcoyano once again celebrated a victory in Second B.

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