Monday, June 27

Alejandra Peleteiro, Pablo Aztiazarrán and Benjamín Prikryl, champions of the ILCA Iberian Trophy



The victory of the excellent Czech laserist Benjamín Prikryl was confirmed, who won the gold in the queen category of lasers: the ILCA7 within the Iberian Championship of the ILCA class with the Concello de Vigo Trophy, the first act of sailing in Abanca Week , which was organized by the Canido Maritime Club, with the support of the Organizing Committee of which it is a reference in Spanish nautical as a multinatic event and led by the Vigo Maritime Club. In the other two categories, the golds were achieved by two girls from A Coruña: in ILCA4, which is the junior specialty, Alba Díaz of the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña won, while in ILCA6 (which is a female Olympic class) the victory was for a piece as a sailor… the herculina Claudia Sobral Lusquiños from Marítimo de Oza.

It took time for the wind to appear in the Cíes Islands Race Course … but very late, which made us fear that no race could be held. But after a delay of more than hours, he appeared and did it with a speed of 12 knots, from the northwest … which caused that the test was beautiful, and that all those who had a bad score to throw away were satisfied … because As the fourth test was a reality, there were those who parked high scores, which made them climb many steps in their general.

Among the youngest of the ILCA4, Alba Díaz had a partial 7-2-2-1 … and wanted to get rid of the seven … however he won in this fourth round, he obtained a gold card: 2-2-1- 1 and the metal was going to the Náutico de La Coruña. Excellent Marta Torres from the Bazán de Ferrol Group, who held her second place on Saturday, being the third and first of the Canido Miguel Rodríguez Tábara laserists. In terms of clubs, Marítimo de Canido showed its strength with four of its boys and girls in the top six. By the way, the first 14 of the ILCA4 table under 16 years! … good quarry in sight.

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In radio attention to this name: Claudia Sobral Lusquiños, a Sub21 from the Club Marítimo de Oza de La Coruña, who was simply magistal. His partial 1-2-2-2… leaving the silver for the good radial laserist of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo with 7-1-1-6… and the bronze for Marta Belen Ribao of the Náutico de La Coruña, with 3- 3-5-7. Canido’s first sailor, and current Galician champion Mario Soares was fourth at 2-9-16-1.

Lastly, in the premier class, the ILCA7, which is the old standard and is an Olympic class for boys, won the Czech Prikryl laserite, who also dribbled at an excellent level: 3-1-1-1 … that is 3 points out of 3 first was his presentation to justly win the gold. Very well Isidro from the Real Club Náutico de Portosín who was uncomfortable for the Czech: 1-2-2-2 and made it difficult for him: his award a well-deserved silver. And the bronze for another from the Muros y Noia estuary, from Portosín, Pablo Reboreda, with a 7-3-6-4 card.

At the end of the day, it was held on the terrace of the Vigo Maritime Club… with an incomparable rear: such as the Cíes Islands, the awards ceremony presided over by the head of Abanca in Vigo and the area, Walter Alvarez. Now the turn for heavy sailing, with the Vice-dean of Galician sailing the Liceo Marítimo de Bouzas. It will be next Saturday with the traditional Villa de Bouzas-Concello de Vigo Trophy, the first registered has been one of the best boats in the Atlantic: the Swan 42 Magical by Julio Rodríguez, which won the Conde de Gondomar Trophy in the Monte in July Royal Yacht Club of Baiona.

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