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Alejandro Pastor: «With the covid, those who had old cars in disuse are using them again»

Alejandro Pastor visiting a vehicle technical inspection station.  |  INFORMATION

Alejandro Pastor visiting a vehicle technical inspection station. | INFORMATION

Alejandro Pastor was serving as acting president of Aeca-ITV since last June after the departure of Luis Gutiérrez Pando, and has now been ratified in office by the entity’s assembly. An industrial engineer, he is the zone director of theAppless ITV company in the Valencian Community, while he has held, among others, the position of station manager in Alicante. He also spent ten years as an associate professor at the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) in Elche, where he taught Transport and Vehicle Engineering.

He has assumed the position of president for all purposes at a time especially complicated by the COVID crisis …

Indeed, this is a time of change in the sector, which with the health crisis has valued the professionalism and response capacity of ITV stations to cover the five million vehicles that have been “confined” since The state of alarm was declared on March 14 until May 18, a period during which service could not be provided as the government had decreed the closure of the facilities. All the entities associated with Aeca-ITV have shown that they are prepared for deescalationon process that has followed with all the security protocols activated, extending the working and opening hours of the stations and reinforcing the workforce.

How has the covid crisis influenced vehicle inspections?

A high level of absenteeism has been registered, so that right now there are numerous vehicles circulating with the ITV expired. This is a dangerous situation, since it affects road safety. On the other hand, owners who have not attended the stations may find that, if they suffer an accident, their insurance does not offer them coverage.

What can be done to solve this problem?

We are going to try to work together with the Ministry of the Interior, the autonomous communities and the General Directorate of Traffic so that the figure is reduced, since I insist that it is a risky situation that must be combated.

In what situation is the fleet of vehicles?

The coronavirus crisis is also aging the car fleet, which currently has an average age of 12 years. With the covid, there are drivers who had old cars in disuse or for sale who are now using them again for fear of spending public transport. On the other hand, it is normal that the economic crisis caused by the pandemic reduces sales of new vehicles, so the park will continue to age in the coming months. Another problem we are finding is that people invest less in the maintenance of their cars, which also has an impact on road safety. Proof of this is the deterioration of the tires, which has become one of the main defects detected in ITV stations, to the point that they account for around 20% of the total. Regarding drivers who decide to buy a new vehicle, they are currently faced with doubtwhetherer they buy it electric, hybrid or with normal combustion, having to also combine the economic issue.

What are your main objectives at the head of the national association?

The primary objective is to continue to ensure the maintenance of independence, impartiality and the absence of conflicts of interest in the provision of ITV service in Spain, and that the message that ITV saves lives and represents protection for the environment is widespreadAllll the citizens. The responsibility of drivers who have passed the inspection in moments as complicated as those we have experienced indicates that this is the case, that road safety matters and is a priority.

Are the new environmental regulations also a challenge for the sector?

Without a doubt, it is a challenge, because it involves continuous technological changes. Companies have incorporated the use of new technologies to check electronically controlled environmental management systems and new driving assistance mechanisms, which shows that we are prepared for the future of inspections.

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