Sunday, September 25

Alert due to the increase in people injured by stray bullets in Haiti

The organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF) reports that found a “significant” increase in stray bullet victims in Prince Port since July 23, after the outbreak of the violent fighting between armed groups on the outskirts and in the center of the city.

“These patients represent only a small proportion of the victims. Traffic has become extremely dangerous in many parts of the city, and many people are trapped in their own neighborhoods. This has made it increasingly difficult to access health centers” said the MSF medical coordinator in Haiti, Rachelle Séguin, it’s a statement. The onegé affirmed that it has installed mobile clinics in some of these areas to bring medical care closer to the affected populations. “But even for our medical teams, access to these places is still very difficult,” she adds.

On at least three occasions, the MSF mobile clinic activities have had to be postponed or canceled due to the violence of the fighting, depriving their beneficiaries of essential medical care. The MSF Emergency Center in Turgeau received around 80 gunshot woundsmost victims of Lost bullets.

No access to medical care

The statement recalled that just after a Stop the fire in Cite Soleil, where fighting is raging, MSF’s mobile clinics treated more than 150 patients in just a few hours. Thirty of them were gunshot wound victims whose injuries had become infected. “These infections are indicators of when the trauma occurred. The injured were unable to access medical care in time, either because of the level of violence and the intensity of the shooting, or because of the barricades that the armed groups are erecting or building to isolate the areas they control,” the organization said.

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In some of these areas, MSF said it can only treat patients in basements or in rooms without windows due to the danger of crossfire.

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Since the resurgence of clashes in various neighborhoods and municipalities of Prince Porteither in Cite-Soleil, martissantor more recently in Bel-Air, Bas Delmas or the city center, Médecins Sans Frontières has continued to observe a significant drop in outpatient consultations.

“A year after the closure of its emergency center in Martissant, which was later moved east to Turgeau, MSF continues to reiterate its calls. People must be spared the violence of fighting and have free and sustainable access to to humanitarian aid and basic services,” the statement said MSF head of mission in Haiti, Benoît Vasseur.

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