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Alert: Robberies and Hate Crimes Rise in Chaotic New York Subway; next mayor Eric Adams promises more cops

NYC Subway car.

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November saw a huge increase in robberies and felony crimes in general in the already dangerous New York Subway, still with fewer passengers than before the pandemic, according to recently released statistics.

Figures presented at Monday’s MTA traffic committee meeting show robberies more than doubled from October to November, from 40 to 88. Overall felony, including grand theft and assault, increased by 45% in that period.

At the same time, the NYPD recorded a 79% increase in hate crimes, driven by a 240% rise in attacks based on sexual orientation and 233% against Asians, according to figures presented to the MTA.

The 235 cases of so-called “felony” crimes in November fell just below the 244 reported by the New York Police Department in November 2019, before the pandemic, when more than two million people were riding the Subway. every day.

News of the worrying trends for November comes after the president of the MTA, Janno Lieber, tell the New York Post last week that followed focused on passenger safety even though traffic crime rates dropped during the summer and early this fall.

In general, serious crimes are down 3.6% this year compared to 2020, according to NYPD statistics. Assault increased in the spring, but has since dropped about 40%.

“Generally speaking, felony crimes have decreased, but if you are someone going back to work, or not, and you have interactions with people that make you feel uncomfortable, that’s a problem,” Lieber said Friday.

“The mayor-elect (Eric Adams) has said over and over again that we need to get more cops traffic from desks and enter the Metro system, better dispersed to cover more area, “said spokesman Evan Thies, in a statement.

The crime rate on the Subway soared amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021 compared to 2019, when the NYPD recorded a comparatively low number of 1.47 felonies per million passengers. Having said that, crime totals on the metro in 2021 are the lowest in 25 years, according to the MTA, based on the number of users.

“We have repeatedly said that we want the NYPD to place more officers in conspicuous places such as subway platforms and on trains where passengers feel vulnerable,” MTA Representative Aaron Donovan said in a statement. “That allows for a faster response to emergencies when they occur and allows officers to quickly see and address the people with mental health problems that they could be a danger to themselves and to others, with the ability to intervene before a crime occurs ”.

In 2021 there have been several homicides and natural deaths in the New York subway, in addition to various incidents, some more serious than others. In May, the violence led then-Governor Andrew Cuomo to claim that the subway was not safe for children. Months before, in January, the interim president Feinberg, denounced in a letter sent to the mayor that NYC’s violence and “mental health crisis” were wreaking havoc on the transportation system. Since then the situation has not improved.

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