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Álex de la Iglesia brings the problem of tourismophobia to Sitges with his ‘Venicefrenia’

Director Alex de la Iglesia has landed at the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival with the premiere of his latest film, ‘Veneciafrenia’, in which he has wanted to address, he said, the theme of tourismophobia from the responsibility of “someone who is also a tourist”

With script of the Church’s own and Jorge Guerricaechevarría, ‘Veneciafrenia’ stars Ingrid García Jonsson, Silvia Alonso, Goize Blanco, Nicolás Illoro, Alberto Bang, Cosimo Fusco, Enrico Lo Verso, Armando di Razza, Caterina Murino and Nico Romero.

Co-produced by Amazon Prime Video and RTVE, De la Iglesia raises in ‘Veneciafrenia’ an issue that was very much in vogue before the pandemic, the tourist overexploitation of some cities, in this case the city of canals, although the coronavirus has left the naked how much some places need the return of tourists to save local economies.

In the film, a group of young Spanish tourists will be involved in a plot to try to save their lives from attacks against tourism and the rejection of large cruise ships in the Laguna by Venetians fed up with the situation.

In a massive press conference, the Bilbao director confessed: “All part of a moment when I recognize myself as guilty, visiting Venice as a tourist, a city that is disappearing because of people like me, a city that in my case is sinking a little more than with the others “.

In the film, as in real life, says De la Iglesia, “people who visit cities see reality through a mobile phone and turn reality into a kind of theatrical performance.”

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During filming, which occurred in full confinement with an empty Venice, the big cruise ships still entered GiudeccaBut when they were in post-production, “thanks to the activism of No Grandi Navi, these big ships have not come in.”

De la Iglesia emphasizes that ‘Venicefrenia’ is his modest contribution to this debate, although “this is told with a film, which ultimately aims to entertain”; and acknowledges that “Venice is perhaps the iconic place where this issue can be discussed in a more illustrative way, but it is a problem that also occurs, for example, in Barcelona.”

Cosimo Fusco, one of the Italian actors involved in the film, has been in favor of the film’s message: “tourism that kills cities is that of large ships, which do not bring anything to the city in terms of economy , and it is bad for health when alter the biological ecosystem local”.

The director thinks that ‘Venicefrenia’ “It is not a giallo -suspense and Italian terror-, but in the plot suspense prevails more than terror “, but it is clear that it is” a genre film. ”

He has fled this time from his usual “histrionic and tending to excess” endings and argues that “in this case, history demanded a calmer ending. “

The author of “800 bullets” admits that Kubrick’s ‘Eyes wide shut’ is one of “the references in which one drinks”, but there are also “tributes” to ‘Menace in the shadow’, by Nicolas Roeg, and to “many films in which the mask is a fundamental part of the story.”

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De la Iglesia considers that in all his films, “although in a subtle way, there has been criticism”, but perhaps in ‘Veneciafrenia’ it is more evident: “I like to combine that kind of giallo with some teenagers who go to a wonderful and at the same time sinister city, but in this film I have perhaps seen the feather duster more, by showing how we destroy what we love. ”

About filming in a Venice emptied by confinement, De la Iglesia said it was complicated, having to “move equipment in boats, which delayed times “and forced them to have a smaller electrical equipment.

Luck, De la Iglesia explained by way of an anecdote, is that they coincided with the filming of Tom Cruise in Venice at the end of ‘Mission Impossible 7’, although they had “a much larger team.”

And he added: “Tom lit up the whole St. Mark’s square, and we would stand in a corner and shoot with Tom’s lights, and the same with the scene that happens on the roof. ”

Television platforms

The filmmaker has assured that he feels “very comfortable” with the work of the television platforms, “because there is more work and that improves the offer and makes us work harder.”

De la Iglesia has said that his experience with HBO with ’30 coins’ has been “particularly good at work methodology.”

Álex de la Iglesia, who will shoot the second season of ’30 coins’ in February, sits down with HBO “protected with someone who knows a lot about how to do a series and with whom you learn a lot “.

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‘Veneciafrenia’ is the first film from ‘The Fear Collection’, the film label of “horror movies” created by Pokeepsie Films and Sony in association with Amazon Prime Video.

The next, the filmmaker has announced, will be ‘Venus’, which he will direct Jaume Balagueró, “one of the directors that I appreciate and admire the most,” which will be “a horror film based on a Lovecraft story, ‘The Dreams of the Witch’s House.’

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