Wednesday, March 29

Alex Jones skips Sandy Hook deposition again after judge rules 2nd doctor’s note doesn’t excuse him

For the second day in a row, Alex Jones failed to comply with a court order requiring his deposition in a successful defamation lawsuit brought by families of Sandy Hook shooting victims.

About an hour after it was scheduled to begin, law firms representing the families alerted the media that Jones did not arrive for the in-person questioning.

“This cowardly attempt by Mr. Jones to escape accountability for the years he spent spreading lies about Sandy Hook, shows contempt both for the law and the families,” the families’ attorney, Chris Mattei of Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder, said in a statement.

“We will continue to work within the legal system to hold Mr. Jones accountable for his actions.”

The no-show marks the second time this week Jones has failed to appear for his deposition, with his defense attorneys arguing to the court that an unnamed “medical condition” should excuse him.

According to his defense counsel, Jones did not appear for his Wednesday deposition two days after a Dr. Ben Marble, a guest on his show Infowars, personally observed unnamed symptoms leading to a physical examination on Monday.

Marble, a Florida-based physician who created a free telemedicine website during the COVID-19 pandemic, told Jones’ lawyers he advised Jones to go to an emergency room or call 911 “immediately,” according to court documents, and subsequently arranged for, “comprehensive medical testing” to be performed Wednesday morning — the same time as the scheduled deposition.

Late Wednesday evening, attorneys for Jones produced an additional doctor’s note stemming from the second opinion.

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Signed by Dr. Amy Offutt, the redacted five sentence note cites a recommendation made to Jones that he, “not attend court proceedings for now,” after assessing his unnamed condition.

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