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Alex Rodriguez shares a mysterious message: “New beginnings.” Everything indicates that he will forget Jennifer Lopez

“New beginnings,” Alex Rodriguez said in a story on his Instagram account. Everything indicates that he will forget Jennifer Lopez.

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Much has been said since Alex Rodriguez Y Jennifer Lopez made public the breakdown of their engagement. Sources say that the former player would have been devastated, while she has been captured by paparazzi with her ex, Ben Affleck, on several occasions and during a trip to Montana that they would have done together. Today, Alex Rodríguez shared a mysterious message in their stories of Instagram: “I am about to take a step towards a new beginning in my life. Everything what does not serve me is being erased from my life. New energy is emerging… New levels are opening for me mentally, physically and spiritually. I’m still patient and I know this new stage of my life is getting closer ”. Everything indicates that these plans do not include Jennifer Lopez.

Just days before he was seen with several blonde women having dinner and enjoying the night at the restaurant “Papi Steak” in Miami. Right afterwards he published the story about “The new beginnings”. A few days ago, Alex Rodriguez would only have shared images of his new products from makeup and cosmetics for men called “Hims”. Prior to this, he published some photos with his daughters having dinner and leaving the place at the table that Jennifer López and her children, Emme and Max would occupy empty, implying that they were needed.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez was caught just days after the breakup in the same white truck that He’d pick up Ben Affleck and then drop him off near his house in Los Angeles, which increased the rumors that “Bennifer“You would be giving yourself a second chance at love. Affleck would have separated a few months ago from his ex-girlfriend, the also actress Ana De Armas, who is in Spain shooting a movie and who has not commented on the rumors.

But this wouldn’t be the first hint Alex Rodriguez throws at Jennifer Lopez. He was recently interviewed walking into a restaurant in Miami. That day the NY Yankees with the Boston Red Sox and, when asked by a reporter for Jennifer Lopez y Ben AffleckHe just said, “Come on Yankees.”

There is no doubt that Alex Rodríguez is willing to leave Jennifer Lopez behind Y Remake your life ASAP, just as she seems to be doing. Meanwhile, he has fun and spends his time with his family. We will see if what they said in the statement that they remained as best friends and that they will maintain their business together is true or not.

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