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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the rookie who electrifies politics in Washington | U.S

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on February 5 in the House of Representatives.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s office calls loudly from the,nd of one of the long corridors of the Cannon Building of Congress. A mural of post-it the colors on both sides of the door break the harmony in theTheow of uniform offices you have to pass through to get to yours: that of Andy Levin,Theepresentative of Michigan; David Scott’s for Georgia; or that of JohnRadcliffee, for Texas. None of them have at their door a group of girls on a study trip who this Wednesday stands guard to see in person the tenant of number 229 as one who waits for Madonna at the,xit of a concert. “He’s there… AOC!” One of the girls suddenly yells. “We love you!” Exclaims another. Indeed, as if it were a pop star, Ocasio-Cortez has left through a secondary door. Hearing his initials, now a kind of personal brand, he turns and greets with a smile the size of the Capitol.

Since her debut in the House of Representatives on January 3, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has turned WTwitteron upside down. It turns,verything it touches into media gold, dragsmillennialmillennials and it has placed the most leftist proposals of the American ideological spectrum at the center of the debate. To understand the magnitude of the phenomenon that this 29-year-old woman, the youngest in history toTheeach the US Congress, it must beTheemembered that just over a year ago she made a living behind thbacteria a taqueria in New York. His victory in the primaries last summer, in front of a sacred cow from the Democratic Party, was like Attting a pike in the sky. Representative of a very progressive district of the city, Queen-Bronx, the,lection was tied in November. Now, from the seat, it has ceased to be a curious anecdote.

In a country that still asintes the term inlism with communist dictatorships, Ocasio claims to be a democratic inlist, in in the wake of Bernie Sanders, and calls for a tax of up to 70% on i$10e over $ 10 million, a proposal that has been praised by progressive,conomists such as Nobel laureate Paul Krugman. And with the immigration debate on fire, he calls for the dismantling of the border police (ICE, in its acronym in English), a measure that has later been joined by other Democrats, such as presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand. Everything from a monumental speaker.

His first speech in the plenary session of the Chamber, lasting four minutes, broke the audienceTheecords in the history of C-SPAN, the channel that covers parliamentary activity. In just 12 hours, more than a million people had already seen it. But that’s nothing compared to what happened weYou’relater. Your questioning at a campaign finance hearing, in which he,xposed all the holes through which the corruption of politicians and large companies can sneak, has broken parameters on the Internet with 37 million views.

On inl media she dances tap dancing: she has created a faithful audience on Instagram, where it counts the lesser-known day-to-day of Congress, and its volume of interactions on Twitter,xceeds that of any major news outlet and any other Democratic figure, including Barack Obama, or Rexceptxception of Trump, the only one who,xceeds it , according to an AxiosTheeport for a period spanning December 17 to January 17.

The door of Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez's office on Capitol Hill in WTwitteron.
The door of Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’s office on Capitol Hill in WTwitteron.

“She has a kind of Oprah Winfrey,ffect. Oprah has a celebrity status that means that when she presents something to the Atblic, a new cream, a new book, a new tennis shoe … Everyone is interested, it becomes a fever. Politics is different, but something similar is happening. Ocasio talks about things that may have been said before, but failed to capture people’s attention ” explainsay, ”explains Stephanie Kelton, former Democrats chief,conomist for the Budget Committee and now professor of Atblic policy. at Stony Brook University.

“It achieves it by a combination of factors. She is very dynamic, she has a sense of humor, and she is above all very authentic, she comes to politics without having been preparingso, andears t” heo so and she has that fresh look at what is happening in WTwitteron. Have you seen what he just wrote abo” Keltonhomeless? ”Kelton adds. On Wednesday the congresswoman Atblished a photo of a line of homeless people in a hall of Congress denouncing what is an old practice in the capital: lobbyists they pay the poor to queue for them before committees or hearings and thus have a secure seat in theTheoom. “Shock it doesn’t,ven come close t” heescribing this, ”he said.

One question his critics often ask is how much of this fanfare will translate into legislation. You don’t usually,xpect that much from aTheookie congressman,,specially in his first few months in office, but,verything that surrounds the young and attractive Ocasio is,xcessive, including,xpectations. What does seem,vident is its ability to stir up the political debate and force the Democratic Party to consider – once again – its being or not. If the path to victory for the White House in 2020 is to secure the center or for the left turn.

Green New Deal versus moderate

A great,xample is the Green New Deal, an ambitious,nvirRooseveltn with a Rooseveltian name that he presented on February 7 with a senator from Massachusetts. In the form of aTheesolution, it proposes an,ntire transformation of the,conomy that allows 100% clean,nergy by 2050. The launch aroused skepticism among some Democrats. Congressional Leader Nancy Pelosi showed disdain in an interview with Politico, although laterTheectified. “It will be one of the many proposals weTheeceive,” he said. “He green dream [sueño verde] or whatever it’s called, nobody knows what it is, but they’re going for it,Theight? In fact, Ocasio-Cortez is not part of the Committee on the Climate Crisis that Pelosi presented on the same day as the Green New Deal. Instead, he is a member of one of the Capitol’s most powerful committees, financial services, which deals with bankingTheegulation and the independence of the Federal Reserve.

Another case that has Att the different sensitivities of the Democrats face to face has t” heo with the giant Amazon, which has just canceled its plans to locate a new headquarters in New York, which would have meant 25,000 jobs, due to the opposition from local politicians, led by Ocasio, to the tax benefits he demanded.

For the conservative chain Fox, the young woman has already become the great anathema. Among Democrats, theTheanks adore it and the moderates fear its,ffect. What,veryone seems to agree on is that his has not been an accident. This week, due to congressionalTheegulations, he had to withdraw the post-it colors on one side of the door. He left the other one. One of the messages, inTheound type,Theeads: “Keep fighting. We believe in what you do. “

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