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Alexia Putellas touches the sky



The pompous Chatelet theater in Paris rose to its feet when the name of the winner of the Women’s Golden Ball. Between applause, Alexia Putellas stood up, knowing that she was the favorite maximum did not stop her from getting excited. The Barcelona forward received an award that also rewarded the trajectory of the Barça team, which won last season a historic treble, with a special mention for the first female Champions League for Spanish football. Putellas (Mollet del Vallés, 1994), attended the gala guarded by four other companions who were among the twenty nominees: Sandra Paños, Irene Paredes, Jenni Hermoso and Lieke Martens. “It is important that we are nominated so that we continue to be references and that the girls who come know that it is possible, that they dream of them,” said Paredes, whose merits were made last year with PSG.

The triumph of Alexia Putellas is the story of a dream come true. From a girl who stood out at recess at a school in Mollet del Vallés until she was chosen as the best soccer player in the world. «At school I never felt displaced. They were lifelong friends of the people and they counted on me for everything. Always played. It was the bossy woman. In the schoolyard I used to make the equipment. Either I had to choose or they chose me first, ”she says, happy for not having felt the discrimination that most of her colleagues did suffer. I was only thinking about the ball. So much so that he kept insisting on his father Jaume to allow him to spend summers playing soccer. And Jaume, always ready to support Alexia in her wishes, enrolled her in the campus organized by Xavi Hernández. The talented midfielder had been organizing this type of football training camp for several years, where children develop and perfect their technical and tactical game, promoting the values ​​of respect, humility and companionship. Alexia was ten years old and was able to meet her idol. He enjoyed it so much that he went to campus for three years in a row. How little did the soccer player imagine when she celebrated the historic podium of Messi, Xavi and Iniesta at the 2010 Ballon d’Or that a decade later she was going to be the one who would grab all the spotlights.

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Putellas stood out. So much so that Barcelona incorporated her into their lower categories, but she ended up playing a season in the Spanish and another in the Levante until the Barça club recovered it in 2012 seeing the talent that emanated from his boots. At Barça, she began to win everything and became one of the icons of the professionalization of women’s football, which came thanks to the sponsorship of Iberdrola, the commitment of Bartomeu and the grassroots work of Xavi Llorens. He also became important in the Spanish team, with which he debuted in 2013. Alexia claimed the differences between men’s and women’s football. “You can’t make a living from this,” he said a few years ago. However, the attacker was image of Nike on a line of their sportswear. Little by little his ascendancy began to be as important in the dressing room as on the pitch. She is currently the captain of Barça, but she has not changed in her way of being. She continues to keep the same friends, listening to Rihanna, Beyonce and Marc Anthony during rallies or killing time playing the console.

Alexia has given ample signs of her leadership. On the field (last year he played 53 games, scored 29 goals and delivered 24 assists) and out of it. He showed it during the team’s presentation, last August, when he took the microphone to cheer on the fans. «We have won the Cup, the League and the Champions League. This is incredible. It has to be given the credit it deserves, few clubs can say. But it’s past, in our head it’s past. We wear this shield, we know what it means, we have to improve training after training, match by match, to seek excellence with our style of play. It does not guarantee you anything, but by doing this with you we are closer to winning it all. To finish, I tell you very proud that being from Barça is the best there is, “she released, demonstrating her ambition. She had already been named the best player in the Champions League and her nomination for the Ballon d’Or sounded strongly, although it did not take away her sleep. “I don’t even know when it will be delivered”, He assured in all the interviews every time he was asked about an award that a Spaniard has not won since Luis Suárez did it in 1960. Now he already looks at home, along with the five Leagues, five Cups and a Champions League that he has won, among several more trophies.

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