Monday, October 25

Alfaro presents the most social assumptions in the history of Elda

The presentation of the municipal budgets for 2021 by Mayor Rubén Alfaro.

The presentation of the municipal budgets for 2021 by Mayor Rubén Alfaro.

The mayor of Elda, Ruben Alfaro, has presented today the Municipal Budgets for 2021 that will be taken to the Municipal Plenary on Wednesday for approval. The first Elder mayor, who has been accompanied by the councilors of the Treasury, José Antonio Amat, and Citizen Participation, Javier Rivera, and the director of the Management Area, Aniceto Pérez, has qualified the accounts for the next year “Like the most social in the history of the city.”

Alfaro explained that “These are expansive Budgets, amounting to 41.2 million euros, with an increase of 4.75% compared to the previous year. These are the most social Budgets in the history of our city, with an increase of 93.54% in the items allocated to social protection actions. This increase is part of the local government’s commitment to people in such difficult times as those we are experiencing as a result of the pandemic ”.

The mayor of Elda has highlighted that “The Social Services item doubles, from 1,872,000 euros in 2020 to 3,623,000 euros in 2021”, an increase that will allow “Continue to implement aid for Eldense families who are suffering the most from the health crisis and that nobody is left behind in our city.

Alfaro has also highlighted that “Thanks to the good financial health of the City Council, with zero debt, no provision is included for the payment of financial charges.”

The Municipal Budgets include for 2021 a slight increase in the Public Services item (+ 1.45%), although the investment chapter is reduced, “As we reported a few days ago, we are going to increase them with the remaining Treasury”, has affirmed the first mayor.

Although the investment chapter is reduced, it maintains some committed investments and those necessary for the proper functioning of the services. This item includes, for example, restoration work on the Castle and Participatory Budgets, which in this way are consolidated in the Municipal Budgets ”, Rubén Alfaro has said.

Another item that is increasing significantly is that destined to Commerce, SMEs and Tourism, also a consequence of the local government’s commitment to supporting the economic and productive fabric of our city. In this sense, this item increased by 34.05% to 1.36 million euros.

In the income chapter, the mayor has highlighted “The decrease in income from direct taxes, specifically by the IBI, which fell by 1.61% as a result of the downward revisions that we are applying to this tax since we acceded to the local government.”

Income from fees also fell significantly, by 7.73%, due to the cancellation of the terrace fee for the hotel trade, the revision of the market census and the abolition of sports fees.

On the other hand, a notable increase in income from the Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works (ICIO) is also included as a consequence of the settlement of this tax for the works of the Edificant Plan.

Rubén Alfaro concluded by recalling that “These are the axes on which the Budgets for 2021 pivot, which together with the investments foreseen in the Elda Renace Plan and the Edificant Plan will allow our city the greatest mobilization of its own resources in our history: more than 70 million euros for modernize Elda and to support the economic and social fabric ”.

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