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Alibaba fired employees who posted account of partner sexual assault

At the moment the client involved in the case has already been arrested and the former Alibaba manager remains under investigation.

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This week news was released that has shaken the Chinese technological system, as the company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. laid off 10 employees for releasing an employee’s account of sexual assault allegations against a former manager as the company moves to resolve the case, Bloomberg posted.

The e-commerce giant announced internally that it fired those involved who shared the heartbreaking story posted on an internal forum by a last-named colleague. Zhou, who accused a former manager of rape.

The crimes include sharing the screenshots of the woman’s post and making them public domain, after removing the watermarks that revealed their identifications. Three other people were reprimanded for making inappropriate comments in public forums, sources close to the matter added.

Zhou’s account went viral and made China’s No. 2 company the highest-profile symbol of abuse that are considered prevalent in companies in the Asian country.

Daniel Zhang, executive director of the company, acknowledged that the handling of the complaint by his company was a “humiliation”, since in Zhou’s account it was clear that she was forced to drink excessively and that was harassed during and after a dinner with clients.

The case has aroused great empathy in favor of those affected by their difficult situation, even internally.

Alibaba fired the 10 employees in question because they violated strict policies against exposure of content posted on employee forums.

The internal platform is open to Alibaba’s 250,000 employees, as well as personnel from the financial technology Ant Group Co., and the dissemination of its content is considered prohibited.

The case is set against criticisms that Chinese women are overlooked, objectified or forced to participate in male-dominated rituals such as drinking with clients, and then ignored when they report abuse.

The case is ongoing and the Chinese police have already made their first Arrest of a former employee of the Jinan Hualian supermarket, surnamed Zhang, who was at dinner with Zhou. Meanwhile he Former manager, surnamed Wang, continues to be investigated by the police on suspicion of “forced indecency”, a charge that may encompass sexual assault.

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