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Alicante advances with the 2030 Agenda in search of a “sustainable city, with safe, inclusive and resilient policies”

The mayor Toño Peral, during the meeting of the municipal commission

The mayor Toño Peral, during the meeting of the municipal commission

The Councilor for the Presidency and Project Coordination, Antonio Peral, has chaired this morning the Special Committee of the Plenary for the 2030 Agenda with the purpose, according to the bipartisan, “to account for what actions will be carried out in this exercise regarding the actions for the sustainable development of the city of Alicante promoted by the UN“. Peral, also responsible for the municipal office of European Fund Raising, said after the meeting that the City Council has” a preliminary agenda to be compared with citizens through a participatory process so that the people of Alicante can contribute ideas to improve the Agenda ”. Auren, a consultancy focused on the solidarity and sustainability sector, will be in charge of coordinating this participatory process after winning the tender process.

In the Special Commission a collaborative tool in blog format, located on the municipal intranet, where you can consult all the documents that are being prepared from the Department of Project Coordination and the Technical Commissions of the Urban Agenda in real time, as reported by the City Council. “The documents collect all the action plans and programs, as well as the calendar to implement the actions included in the 2030 Agenda that will be worked on,” they add.

Plan promoted by the Alicante City Council

The Councilor for Coordination of Projects and Raising of European Funds has indicated that it is going to “measure the impact of this sustainability on the Alicante City Council and then continue making measurements in subsequent years according to the evolution of the actions carried out by the consistory ”. In addition, Peral has indicated that the municipal government will “prepare all the councils so that the corresponding indicators are implemented in terms of monitoring and realization, in the most contrasted and forceful way possible.” To carry out this process, There will be the IDOM consultancy, which will help the implementation and deployment of the 2030 Agenda in all services and departments.

Main objectives of “Alicante 2030”

Among the objectives of the Alicante 2030 Agenda is to contribute from the government action of the City Council, to the implementation of strategies that enforce the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) in Alicante. “The council is committed to ensuring that its model of economic prosperity in the short, medium and long term is based on the protection of health, social inclusion and participation and the sustainable development of the planet,” according to a statement from the City Council.

The Executive Committee will advance through five lines of action which are the spatial planning and city model, inclusion and social cohesion, the economy, tourism and commerce of Alicante, the protection and improvement of the environment, and governance, innovation and citizenship.

On the other hand, the Alicante SDG strategy “has already taken into account the consequences of the pandemic caused by the covid “.” The main areas of sustainable development in Alicante are social, which refers to integration, prosperity, inclusion and a particularly green environment, “they add from the bipartisan, while pointing out that “The city will gradually increase and review each year the number of indicators as the plans and programs are executed according to the strategic lines of the municipality.” “Thanks to all these approaches, Alicante aspires to be a sustainable city, with safe policies , inclusive and resilient, as set by international standards “, concludes the government team.

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