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Alicante also wants a CAR




The president of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation and the vice president of the federative body, Javier Sanz and Miguel López Barbero, respectively, have presented the president of the Alicante Provincial Council, Carlos Mazón, with their support for the project to create the Alicante High Performance Center that It would be located in the facilities that the Real Club de Regatas has in the Pigeon Shooting. The project recognizes the long nautical and sports tradition of the city, consolidates the RCRA facilities in La Cantera and continues, in addition to strengthening, the long history of the club hosting this type of activity. Not in vain, the national teams of the 470 and Laser categories have been training since last year in Alicante.

Alicante CAR will also serve, beyond its intrinsic objectives, to enhance the image of Alicante and its province in the field of water sports and tourism and to boost the productive sectors linked to these activities in all Alicante municipalities.

The highest federative body firmly supports the location in Alicante of this center that will be born with an innovative concept regarding the modernity of its state-of-the-art sports facilities, which are those that are required today for this type of discipline. Alicante CAR will thus be the base for great athletes and Olympic teams from all over the world who will develop their training plans here and will make Alicante the epicenter of nautical sports due to its climatic conditions, infrastructure, access and logistics. The CAR would host all categories of sailing, rowing, canoeing and formula kite.

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Alicante CAR would host permanent concentrations of federations, club or team concentrations in the preseason period or at any time during the competition and would offer the necessary facilities for the development of seminars, masters or any other activity related to sport and training. Alicante CAR would also collaborate with the Higher Sports Council, together with the Spanish federations of different sports disciplines, in the development of the National Sports Technification Program.

Strategic location and ideal climate

Undoubtedly, in addition to the sporting and nautical tradition of the city and its climatic conditions, Alicante is characterized by its strategic location. The city is located in the Mediterranean, in a geographical location that makes it ideal for hosting an international center for nautical sports, thanks to the communion and good understanding between a great demanding and knowledgeable hobby, a strong institutional and business involvement from Alicante and the existence of the RCRA, one of the nautical institutions with the longest history in Spain. Alicante is mostly connected by highway without tolls, in terms of flights it has a constant flow of regular flights with the different capitals, a wide range of direct charter flights and low cost companies from central and northern Europe and from most of European capitals. Its international airport is 10 minutes from the city.

The weather is also a determining factor. The area treasures the ideal weather conditions for the practice of sailing and the different water sports. The special microclimate of the city and its surroundings makes it ideal for practicing water sports, since, with no winds in the early morning and late afternoon, it is ideal for practicing sports such as canoeing, rowing , water skiing, motor boating, among others. On the contrary, the average wind speed during the day makes it perfect for sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, etc.

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