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Alicante City Council decrees the closure of the Fontcalent waste treatment plant

Protest this morning before the waste plant of neighbors and councilors calling for the closure of the plant, which has already been decreed

Protest this morning before the waste plant of neighbors and councilors calling for the closure of the plant, which has already been decreed

The Alicante Town Hall has decreed the closure of the waste treatment plant Fontcalent, highly criticized by the neighbors, who were holding protests every week outside. The bipartisan has agreed go ahead with the denial of the activity license, which implies closure, after verifying that The environmental impact reports of the General Directorate of the Environment, and that of the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation were missing. After being denied the activity license, the company Getting to the Top SL presented allegations and the City Council gave them one month to correct the lack of documentation, but once the appeal has been studied “it is dismissed because documentation is missing. The closure is decreed because they no longer have an activity license “, municipal sources have confirmed. The Department of the Environment has urged them to remove the materials they have stored and in case they did not proceed to do so, the Police would seal the facilities, add the sources, which clarify that the transfer of trucks that may currently exist in the area is due precisely to the fact that they are removing the waste.

“We denied the license on the basis of missing documents. There was a period of one month for them to argue, they alleged and the appeal has been dismissed and there is no more,” they explain from the City Council.

The company, Coming to the Top, reports that activity temporarily ceases based on the City Council decree “until we correct and obtain the documentation that the administrations require us to regularize the activity.” That is, the company decides to temporarily cease its activity to correct deficiencies and collect missing documentation and to be able to retake the license file. On the other hand, the company claims that it has presented to the General Directorate of Environmental Quality a project for the removal of waste that the Consell entity has already approved and that “the will of the company is to execute it ” complying with what is dictated by the General Directorate of Environmental Quality of the Generalitat.

Socialist group

The closure of the facilities has led to the reaction of opposition groups. The PSOE has declared that “after so long ignoring” the residents of Fontcalent, “it is great news that the City Council reacts and forces the closure of the plant as we have always defended from the socialist municipal group ”

This type of activity, as added the PSOE spokesman, Francesc Sanguino, they have to guarantee impeccable rigor in their development, “they must be part of the solution to the ecological transition, not part of a problem that is aggravated in our municipality by the slowness to which this government team accustoms us, who had looked the other way “ when there were precautionary measures to comply with. “We hope that the City Council is now up to the task and ensures that the company evacuates all waste recovery material and leaves the plot as it was before starting the activity,” said the Socialist spokesman.

“The local administration has to take responsibility for their natural heritage, they cannot continue to ignore the abandonment of the Fontcalent Valley, allowing irregular activities or dozens of illegal dumps distributed throughout the rural area. Necessary that Barcala constitute as soon as possible the commission for the protection and recovery of the Fontcalent Valley approved in the plenary session of November 26 and that should have been created fifteen days later. Alicante must reflect on its coexistence with its natural heritage and debates such as the Fontcalent Valley cannot wait any longer “, adds the socialist group.

A moment of the protest this morning in Fontcalent

The PSOE recalls that when various neighborhood associations in the area and residents in a private capacity contacted the socialist municipal group to report on the situation of the district, councilors Lara López and Raúl Ruiz began constant visits “to listen to the problems of these people” and collect the information needed to help. “Since the first concentration at the doors of the mercantile in July 2019, associations and neighbors have not stopped fighting to stop this illegal activity “, they say.

“Our duty as socialist councilors has been to accompany, give voice and support these groups at all times to protect that area and put an end to this type of action. Our rural parties deserve open and positive policies to create protected natural spaces that allow us to enjoy the nature of the environment, in places so close to the city “, they indicate.

United we can

The mayor of United We Can, Vanessa Romero, has attended this morning the concentration called at the door of the Arriving to the top facilities, seconding the call of the Benvinguts de Fontcalent Association and the platform of affected residents. Before the closure of the facility, the mayor has demanded the bipartisan “that forces the company to take charge of the landscape restoration and the removal and treatment of waste deposited on the land.”

Romero recalled that Unides Podem is committed to developing a comprehensive plan to protect Fontcalent and its lagoons, as well as implement a zone of affection of the natural area “to avoid activities that may continue to harm her.” The mayor has indicated that it is “Priority care and protection of the Serra de Fontcalent environment, which already has a saturation of facilities such as the waste treatment plant and other industrial activities that are not only damaging the environmental quality of the area, but also directly affect the health of the air in rural areas that are close to she.


Also Ccommitment to Alicante has joined this morning to the demand of the residents of Foncalent, who had been demanding for months that this plant be closed “which lacks the necessary permits to operate with waste.”

The mayor of Compromís, this morning, during the protest

Rafa Mas, councilor for progressive training, explained that Compromís “has not stopped” so that this company stops doing the activity and environmental damage you’re doing in this whole area. “At the local level we have to pressure the Alicante City Council so that its pulse does not shake, that the Department of Urbanism act once and for all, as private land is being invaded and that they monitor what type of waste they bring to this company. And for this we have to economically block this company so that it allows it to act, that no private work brings its waste here, since it does not have a license to store, and that neither local administration, least of all the Alicante City Council, works with this company. ”

From the coalition they have added that “The Ministry is already working so that the permits of this company that do not comply with the law are eliminatedThey have also recalled that the Senator Carles Mulet has asked the Central Government to know the actions of Seprona in the area and of possible toxic seepage into aquifers in the area“Through the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation.” In addition, the environmental attack that this type of activity entails will have to be paid for, “Mas concluded.

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