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Alicante city council highlights the wide international impact of the monumental Nativity scene

Largest nativity scene in the world, located in Alicante

Largest nativity scene in the world, located in Alicante

“Since December 1, the city of Alicante has the tallest giant nativity scene in the world with a main figure of 18.10 meters high (San José) and a joint length of 56.025 meters, a privilege that is already credited by the book Guinness World Records and that leaves behind the previous brand that Mexico had ”. This is the headline of the news that was distributed on Wednesday, December 2, by the international agency Sputnik News, headquartered in Moscow, which has information services that it distributes on five continents, and also has web pages, a wide presence in social networks, mobile applications and multimedia centers. Sputnik News also has its own radio station. Iris Ladari Fuentes, a journalist from the Sputnik delegation in Spain, signed the news, which through the international channels of the agency, which distributes news in 31 languages, has given the Around the World.

Sputnik News accompanied the correspondent’s text with statements from Mayor Luis Barcala and the artist who created the monument, José Manuel García “Pachi”, whom she interviewed, and with two photographs: one of the mayor, the deputy mayor, the party councilor and the author himself, with the record certification, before the Birth. The second reflected the Town Hall square adorned with the three figures representing Christmas.

The above is just one example of the broad media impact which has had the largest Nativity in the world in local, provincial, national and international media. All the large Spanish television networks have echoed the initiative, as have radios and many print media and websites.

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The Councilor for Festivities, Manuel Jiménez, values ​​the impact of this initiative as “an absolute success. With the largest Nativity scene in the world we have achieved all the objectives we had set for ourselves. We have helped the sector of the Bonfires builders, after a A blank year due to the pandemic, we have energized the center of Alicante, with which many people from the city and the province have been encouraged to come to do their shopping, and we have promoted the name of Alicante nationally and internationally. ”

“Big Belén” is the eloquent headline with which he headed the daily in English Costa News the news, which was enhanced with an image of the moment in which the mayor collected the Official Certificate of Guinness title.

Others media with international projection such as the digital newspapers Euro Weekly News, The Olive Press, Spanje Vandaag or the English-speaking station BayRadio have also covered the event.

Countries of Central Europe and South America, especially due to their deep-rooted Catholic and Nativity scenes, have disclosed the novelty of the monumental Nativity Scene in Alicante and its tallest nativity scene in the world.

Courier, one of the most important written and online newspapers in Austria, reported this week in both its print and digital versions an article about it, including images of the monument. The media, Oe24 -Viena-, KathPress – Catholic Media Center of Switzerland- and the German radio station Domradio also provided information on the record.

Figures that reinforce the magic of Christmas

The Italian radio television – RAI – spread the news in its newscasts on December 3. And till United States has learned of the Nativity scene novelty thanks to the United Press International agency, based in Washington, DC, which dedicated an extensive article to it. United made special mention of the artist responsible for the design of the work, José Manuel García.

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Slovakia has published the news in its most traditional national newspaper, Pravda. Holland, Kath, ch from Switzerland and a growing number of European countries are showing interest and spreading what is already the biggest tourist attraction this Christmas in Alicante.

“The promotion for Alicante through the monumental nativity scene is equivalent to a great international campaign. The three figures admired in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento undoubtedly contribute to reinforcing the message of the magic of Christmas and its fraternal spirit”, concluded the mayor Jiménez.

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