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“Alicante City of Rice”, to conquer Madrid with 300 servings in three days

The Municipal Tourist Board has carried the mark “Alicante City of Rice” together with Alicante Restaurant Association (NOW) a la 34th edition of “Salón Gourmets”, the Fair for Quality Food and Drinks largest in Europe held in Madrid. The experience has been a great success with about 300 servings of rice served in three days, informs the City Council. The chefs of six Alicante restaurants they prepared their rices between October 19 and 21 in seven Madrid restaurants to make known some of the mountain, coastal, plateau and orchard varieties; with dry, honeyed and soupy rice, and cooked in paella, cauldron and clay pot.

The Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Tourism, Mari Carmen Sánchez, has highlighted that “Alicante returns to Madrid with the rice of our city as a highly valued gastronomic ambassador”. Sánchez has highlighted the work of the hoteliers to position Alicante “as gastronomic capital of the highest level and make our rice dishes a tourist product as such and with an enormous weight ”in the tourist destination that is our city. The assistance of the brand “Alicante City of Rice” for the second year to the fair “Gourmets Hall It serves so that “this iconic and so diverse dish is known and becomes one of Alicante’s tourist ambassadors in its own right,” said the head of the Municipal Tourist Board.

For his part, president of ARA, César Anca, thanked “these Madrid restaurants that host us in their homes for layout and facilities, as well as the Madrid public, who once again have given themselves completely to the Alicante proposals that were in each of the restaurants ”. “I believe that on almost all the tables there was a plate of rice, and that is a pride”, He stated. “Alicante is a city that feels loved by Madrid and recognizes our gastronomy. Of course, we will return and meanwhile, we wait for you in Alicante ”, Anca concluded.

Two of the participating chefs


The participants in Madrid are José Francisco García, from El Maestral, with his rice with red mullet and spinach at La Ancha with Nino Redruello; David Mira, from Petímetre, he cooked a creamy vegetable rice over charcoal in El Jardín de Alma, which is run by Jesús G. Espartero in Arturo Soria; José Gómez and José Guillén, from Racó del PlaThey made their pata de pata rice in Treze, by Saúl Sanz; Tender Mbaye and Geni Perramón, from the Gourmet Tavern, they conquered Alabaster’s clientele with a honeyed rice a banda, with Antonio Hernando; Oscar Cerdá, from the Jorge restaurant, he doubled and prepared his rice with squid and garlic in the Candeli, led by the Rivera brothers and in the Casa Mories his rice with octopus and red shrimp within the tasting menu of chef Beltrán Alonso; finally, Rubén Rodríguez, Cristina de Juan and Manuel del Amo, in charge of Dársena, they made an exclusive pass at A’Barra where they delighted with their rice with gambeta and squid.

More Alicante participants

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