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Alicante Gastronomic cooks 10,000 Christmas menus for the underprivileged

Christmas menus prepared by Alicante Gastronómica

Christmas menus prepared by Alicante Gastronómica

The priceless work that Alicante Gastronómica Solidaria has been doing since the outbreak of the covid pandemic takes a further step with the preparation of nearly 10,000 Christmas menus for distribution among the most vulnerable groups in the province this Christmas Eve, tomorrow Christmas Day and on New Years Eve. This priceless assistance initiative, which has allowed cooking and distributing more than 210,000 solidarity menus since the start of the pandemic thanks to the collaboration of 300 companies and 800 volunteers, including the most important chefs from Alicante, is also reinforced today with a van donated by Carmencita that will allow hundreds of meals to be distributed among people who lack a home and live on the street.

The objective of this new action of Alicante Gastronómica Solidaria is “to bring hope and a smile to those who are having the worst of it”, as its president assures, after announcing that this Christmas “this great solidarity revolution does not stop and we are going to cook and distribute nearly 10,000 Christmas menus among the most vulnerable groups in the province of Alicante on Christmas Eve, Christmas, as well as during the next few days ”.

Gastronomic Alicante chefs, with the typical stew balls

According to Baño, these are elaborations “arising from the kitchens and from the hands of volunteers with the support of students from the Alicante Gastronómica Solidaria training and employment school and the Alicante Chamber of Commerce, based on the agri-food products of our land and its gastronomic wealth ”. The menus prepared by the NGO “heroes with aprons” combine the tradition of Alicante cuisine at this time with the nutritional value they provide, such as the characteristic ball stew, and in them there will be no lack of Xixona nougat and Alicante thanks to the donation made by Turrones Pablo Garrigós, the grapes from the Regulatory Council of the DO Uva del Vinalopó and the panettone from maestro Paco Torreblanca.

Specifically, the Christmas Eve and Christmas menus have been prepared by 30 volunteers under the direction of the “Michelin stars” Ferdinando Bernardi, from Orobianco (Calpe), and Joaquín Baeza, from Baeza & Rufete (Alicante), and will be distributed through different social entities such as the Red Cross, the Casa Social Comedor, the Elche Flagellation Brotherhood, the Solidarity Reaction Association, the María Luisa de Moreno International Foundation (FIMLM), in municipalities such as Alicante, Elche, Elda, Novelda or Monforte del Cid.

One of the complete menus that Alicante Gastronómica will deliver

Carlos Bath recalls that Alicante Gastronómica Solidaria “was born as a welfare initiative of civil society itself, with the support of public administrations, to help and provide food to the most disadvantaged groups, thus responding to a social demand that is exacerbated by the consequences of the pandemic caused by covid-19 “. Thus, since all the resources of a reference fair such as Alicante Gastronómica were available at the service of the most needy, more than 210,000 solidarity menus have already been distributed among the most vulnerable groups of 35 municipalities in the province of Alicante thanks to the the work of 800 volunteers, among whom are some of the most renowned chefs on the national and international scene, and the selfless collaboration of more than 300 companies.

Menus on the street

Alicante Gastronómica adds from today a new and priceless service by starting to distribute solidarity menus among those who live on the street. Thanks to the donation of a new and fully equipped van by the Carmencita company, the NGO will distribute hundreds of meals to these most disadvantaged people. From this very night, this vehicle will bring a hot dinner to these citizens to those places where they are (parks, ATMs, Rico Pérez’s ground floor, etc.), as well as a greeting full of support and affection from the volunteers .

This initiative, which starts on the eve of Christmas Day, will continue throughout the night of the year to provide service to the nearly 60 homeless people living in Alicante, depending on the time of year.

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