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Alicante, Hurchillo and Santa Pola win the ONCE provincial school phase

Retrospective activity at the Hurchillo school on the 20th anniversary of the Unesco School Network

Retrospective activity at the Hurchillo school on the 20th anniversary of the Unesco School Network

The schools Manuel Riquelme de Hurchillo, Ramón Cuesta de Santa Pola and the Cabo de la Huerta Institute of Alicante have been selected as winners of the province phase of the 37th school contest of the ONCE Social Group.

On this occasion, teachers and students have been invited to make posters, radio spots or spots to make responsible use of new technologies against “abuse that can lead to risks and unwanted consequences.”

In this edition 3,380 schoolchildren from 47 educational centers in Alicante have participated, under the coordination of 61 education professionals.

Under the original motto ‘Connection, Addiction OFF. This is not a game’, the initiative consisted of creating an awareness-raising advertising campaign with a message capable of inspiring the whole of society.

The contest has made available to the participants various tools to discuss and work on the proper use of new technologies, making proposals to improve their social skills and achieve an environment adapted to all people.

Faced with the request of teachers and students who have seen their classes suspended due to the pandemic, the ONCE Social Group decided to extend the registration period until the end of February, an extraordinary measure that has facilitated the presentation of works in these first two months of the year.

Altogether, a total of 152,292 students and 2,219 teachers from 1,684 public, subsidized and private educational centers, from Primary to Baccalaureate, as well as Special Education and Vocational Training have participated in the 37th School Contest of the ONCE Social Group.

The participation has been carried out by complete classrooms directed by a teacher. Primary and Special Education students have produced a radio spot of a maximum of one minute, capable of transmitting a message about the proper use of technology by minors.

Secondary students have had to design an advertising poster that captures attention and transmits a message that encourages the responsible use of technology, avoiding its abuse.

They have included a slogan and an audio description of the work.

For high school and FP students, the contest has called for the realization of a 40-second advertising spot, to raise awareness about the responsible use of technology and the risks that its abuse entails.

They have included a title and a document with the script, to facilitate accessibility for people with disabilities.

The works selected by the Alicante jury for each of the categories except for Baccalaureate and FP, directly assessed by the national jury, have especially highlighted creativity, quality, message and accessibility.

The winning schoolchildren go to the next phase, the regional one, whose resolution will be known in April.

The winners at the national level, in their respective category, will receive a tablet with the aim of demonstrating that a good use of technology is possible.

College: MANUEL RIQUELME, from Hurchillo

Course: 3rd A of Primary

Professor: Susana Canals Boix

College: RAMÓN CUESTA, from Santa Pola

Course: 6th grade of Los Panas Elementary

Teacher: Diego Cebrián Nicolau

Institute: IES CABO DE LA HUERTA, from Alicante

Course: 4th ESO

Teacher: Jose Miguel Suarez Martinez

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