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Alicante in the country of the fjords: caution with vaccines

Questions regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine by fear of possible blood clots after administrationn has led some countries to temporarily suspend its use in order to carry out more tests to determine if there is a direct relationship between serum and thrombi. One of them is Norway, which, together with Denmark, are territories in which AstraZeneca vials will not be injected until April 15.

Joana Rocamora and Isabel Delicado, two nurses from Crevillent, reside in the Scandinavian country. The first works in Primary and Home Care in Kjøpsvik, a small town in the north of the country, where 845 people reside. There he arrived on March 15, 2020, “a day after the state of alarm was declared in Spain to begin my great professional and personal adventure.”

This sanitary explainedto the stop that the vaccination is having. “Until a decision is made before April 15, this vaccine is not being administered in the country. The population is waiting to receive new data and more information from the health authorities.

A few words endorsed by Isabel Delicado, a nurse in a short-stay center in Førde, about three hours from Oslo. “People are afraid of the AstraZeneca vaccine, where I work they vaccinated several colleagues a few weeks ago and the following days they were on leave due to side effects, with fever and malaise. Although they prefer to give themselves that injection to not be vaccinated, there is a lot of caution with regard to AstraZeneca ”, he clarifies. Upon landing in the country on February 21 and having been quarantined for ten days, she will be inoculated with the Pfizer serum this week, while Joana received the first dose of the Pfizer injection on January 7 and three weeks later, the second .

Isabel Delicado, in Førde. | INFORMATION

Regarding the national vaccination plan, the first to receive the doses were the elderly in nursing homes, patients from centers associated with home nursing, health personnel and people over 85 years of age. The calendar continues with the group of 75 to 84, 65 to 74 years and people with high-risk diseases, between 18 and 64 years.

They all received the Pfizer vaccine, except for some health workers who were immunized with AstraZeneca, until its administration was stopped to study the side effects. This was indicated by the prime minister, highlighting the “prudence” of this decision to evaluate the drug, even if it delays the vaccination schedule.

Now “they are calling to the next ladder, people between 55 and 64 years old,” says Joana. With good forecasts for this month of July, when they intend to have the entire Norwegian population immunized, there are currently 275,341 people vaccinated, 5.71% of the population and 650,908 have already received the first dose of the vial against covid-19.

The remaining groups in the calendar stipulated by the government are citizens between 45 and 54 years old and, finally, those between 18 and 44 years old.

With 96,950 positive cases due to covid and 685 deaths, the security measures have been varying and being applied according to the current health situation. Thus, Joana points out that “current security measures do not replace strict local measures.” In this way, the new national regulations came into force on March 25 and will be evaluated today, Monday, April 12.

Sanitary measures

The local recommendations are simple: social distance of two meters and a maximum of two people as guests. They also advise limiting social contact as much as possible and wearing a mask in places where the social distance indicated above is not possible. As for trips, postpone those that are not necessary and buy in the shopping centers or food stores of the municipality itself.

While those of mandatory compliance, issued from the national government include the cancellation of organized sports and leisure activities, the forced quarantine of those who return to the country after unnecessary trips in hotels destined for them. The price? One night, 500 crowns. And finally, a maximum capacity of 50 people at funerals.

The vision of Spain in the country that is home to the fjords, it is the “criticism of the lack of preventive and security measures such as quarantine upon arrival from a foreign country and the closing of borders. Measures that have been extreme in Norway, with fewer cases than in Spain, ”says Joana. On the other hand, it is recognized by Norwegian society “the great admiration of Spanish health workers for the work carried out in a situation as critical as the one we have experienced,” concludes the health.

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