Thursday, December 2

Alicante is the province of the Community with the lowest percentage of vaccinated against covid

According to data from the Ministry of Health, the percentage of vaccination in the province reaches 85.69%, compared to 91.25% in Castellón and 91.59% in the province of Valencia. Young people remain the group most skeptical of the vaccine, with 21% of thirty-somethings who have not received any doses. Among those in their twenties, 17% have not yet wanted to protect themselves against the disease.

All despite the fact that Health has carried out several sweeps in recent months to summon the undecided and even from health centers personal calls have been made to try to locate the undecided. Mobile vaccination points have also been installed in football stadiums, concerts and on university campuses with the aim of trying to attract and facilitate the vaccination of young people. However, since the “vaccinodromes” closed at the end of September, the increase in immunization has been very modest among young people, a group where the perception of the risk of not being vaccinated is lower than in other groups and where hoaxes and false news circulating on social networks have a greater influence.

The latest initiative to try to convince the undecided has been to install immunization spaces in shopping centers in Alicante and Elche. In the case of the city of Alicante, the Sant Joan Hospital moved yesterday a mobile vaccination team to the Plaza Mar 2 shopping center to vaccinate the stragglers in the afternoon. The initiative will continue today Saturday from 10.30 to 20 hours.

For its part, in Elche the mobile vaccination point will be located in the L’Aljub shopping center on Saturday between 5 and 9 pm. In both cases, these are areas with a large influx of public to bring and facilitate vaccination to who, for any reason, have their immunization pending. The ultimate objective, they add from Health, is to expand vaccination coverage against the coronavirus of the population of the Community.

Alicante is the province of the Community with the lowest percentage of vaccinated against covid

To the foreigners

A good part of the unvaccinated are foreigners, so Health will also move vaccination teams next week to one of the Benidorm tourist offices in addition to those that have operated this week, coinciding with the local festivities. . And it is that the vaccine has demonstrated its effectiveness to prevent serious disease. This is reflected in the situation of the Intensive Care Units of the province, in which 24 people remain admitted, the vast majority of them unvaccinated.

The Ministry of Health wants to speed up vaccination as far as possible among people who have not yet attended the vaccination points. All with an eye on the increase in cases in recent weeks and in the situation that is being lived in the rest of Europe, where records of infections are being registered.

On the other hand, about 77,000 people in the province of Alicante who were vaccinated with Janssen will begin next week to receive a booster dose. These people will receive the immunization booster in their health centers and Health has not yet specified how they will be summoned. To receive the new dose, three months must have elapsed since the first vaccination and the Ministry of Health advises that they be called based on the time that has passed since they were vaccinated.

Booster doses are also being given to people over 70 and those with severe chronic illnesses. Current vaccines are estimated to protect against coronavirus for six months. After immunity to disease wanes.

Slight increase in cases and stable situation in hospitals

The Conselleria de Sanidad Universal has notified in the last hours in the province of Alicante 157 cases of coronavirus, which represents a slight increase compared to the 144 cases of the previous day. In the whole of the Valencian Community there are 408 new cases of coronavirus confirmed by PCR test or through antigen test in the last hours. Valencian hospitals currently have 214 people admitted, 39 of them in the ICU. 83 patients with covid remain hospitalized in the province’s hospitals, which represents two fewer people than the previous day. From them 24 people remain in the Intensive Care Units, which is the same figure as the day before. On the other hand, there have been three deaths from coronavirus, none of them in the province of Alicante. Given the increase in cases, the Department of Universal Health has announced that in the coming days a campaign will be launched to raise awareness among the population about the importance of maintaining security and protection measures against the coronavirus. The accumulated incidence of the coronavirus in the Valencian Community reached this Friday the 77 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, ten points more than just a week ago.

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