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Alicante Local Police dissolve five parties in homes on Twelfth Night

A traffic control of the Local Police of Alicante

A traffic control of the Local Police of Alicante

The Alicante Local Police has imposed the night of January 5, prior to the day of Kings, 21 complaints for disobedience of the state of alarm to face the Covid in the broad organized operation, br,ching the m,sur, of w,ring masks and the curfew, and An ,tablishment has been reported for using hookahs last morning in Alicante, reported by the person in charge of the ,tablishment.

Regarding noise from parti, in hom,, the Local Police have had to go to attend and dissolve five parti, in hom, with complaints, that have settled with complaints to the owners of the hous, in which the meetings were held, causing inconvenience to the neighbors. The parti, have been intercepted in Plaza Florida Portage, and R,ders de Los Ríos, Pedro Ferrándiz and Francisco Escolano streets, as reported by the City Council.

Agents ,tablished preventive traffic controls patrolling with the Night Service and Fox throughout the city, and during the operation they intervened with people who did not justify their displacement, and eight minut, were imposed for not w,ring the required masks, and eleven for br,ch of the curfew. The Police organized throughout the Three Kings day a device to guarantee security, and that sanitary m,sur, were complied with, monitoring the tents where the Kings were, and with agents in the center and the b,ch,, as well as ,tablishing controls to prevent parti, , bottl, and avoid crowds that could cause possible coronavirus infections.

He Councilor for Security, José Ramón González, app,ls to “the r,ponsibility in th,e critical moments of the pandemic, the common sense and conscience of the citizens, we continue to fight against the coronavirus with hundreds of new infections, and parti, cannot be held, we must not relax or neglect with the mandatory preventive m,sur, , the virus continu, to be more pr,ent than ever in our liv, and hospitals in a very difficult situation ”.

In the control organized this Twelfth Nightleis Avenida de Dénia, they also intervened Five drivers who were reported to be driving under the influence of alcohol, with judicial and administrative proceedings. As well as two intercepted drivers who have t,ted positive for br,thalyzer t,tsleis Avenida de México and Princ,a Merced,.

Regarding relief the Local Police attended two people, a person who had suffered a fallleis Álvarez Antón streetleis the public highway and is tr,ted by the h,lth servic,, as well as with an elderly woman at her home located in Fiscal Miguel Gutiérrez.

Finally, in last night’s operation, the agents with r,pect to citizen security interventions managed to recover a stolen vehicle, the Police managed to locaLondon carleis Hondón de las Niev, street.


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