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Alicante loses the leadership of the sale of houses to foreigners due to the impact of the covid

Antonio Fernández, vice president of Ineca, and president of the housing developers.
I. R.

The Institute of Economic Studies of Alicante (Drown) has presented its Situation Report corresponding to the second quarter of the year and which concludes that with the analysis of the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the economic and labor indicators of the province, “the scope of this crisis is clearly more intense than the previous one in 2008 “, as highlighted by the Ineca Studies coordinator, Francisco Llopis.

In addition to the tourism activity itself, another of the sectors that have suffered the most from the impact of the covid has been the promotion of housing, especially that for foreign customers. In this sense, the Ineca study highlights that Alicante has lost the first position it has traditionally held in the national ranking. “The 239.4 million represented by the amount of homes sold to resident foreigners in the second quarter makes the province fall from the first position to the third, behind Malaga and Barcelona “, Llopis explained. In fact, if the weight of the province represented 18% in the second quarter of last year, Alicante’s representation in the sale of homes to foreigners has dropped to 13.2%, the report adds.

Graph on the sale of homes to foreigners from the Ineca report.

This decline is due to border closure That led to the acceleration of the first wave of the virus, which prevented, above all, European clients from traveling to the province to close home purchase agreements or even sign the deeds of operations already carried out.

On the other hand, the vice president of Ineca, Antonio Fernandezhas also had an impact on the effect of this crisis on sectors as important to the province as the hotel, hospitality, commerce, leisure or culture. In this sense, Fernández has stressed that it is necessary rescue the tourist activityoverall, given the uncertainty of the duration of this crisis. The businessman has warned that “if we do not manage to maintain this sector with the usual strength and it deteriorates even more, the outlook for this activity and for the entire province will be complicated.”

“Instant and cheap” PCR tests at airports

Thus, Ineca has stressed the need to face the problems of mobility restrictions “with safe corridors” between the province and the main European countries, priority markets, both for hotels and residential tourism (homes for foreigners), as well as “conducting massive PCR tests at airports. Instant and cheap tests that give security. It is necessary to fight for it so that people can travel and reunite with their families, while the health emergency is solved, “claimed the vice president of Ineca.

On the other hand, Francisco Llopis has highlighted the high cost that this crisis is assuming for employment. Although he has admitted that the Temporary Employment Regulation Records (ERTE) are cushioning the impact, he has not stopped remembering that the province now has 40,000 more people out of work than a year ago.

At the same time, Antonio Fernández, in addition to demanding the support of the Administration for tourism, given that it is the economic engine of the province, has also requested a “flexibility in inspection to be able to exit the companies “and”a fairer treatment, as it deserves, for the province of Budgets Generals of the State and those of the Generalitat “.

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