Thursday, September 23

Alicante opens the doors to the cinema

The appointment is a complete survivor of the pandemic. Last year, although on changed dates, it was possible to carry out, and this time, although with distances and the rest of the measures, the prizes have also been distributed. One more edition, the now classic festival begins with great tributes.

The first of three awards, the Ciudad de Alicante award, has fallen into the hands of actress Inma Cuesta. It has been delivered by an excited Nuria Gago, with whom he agreed on Cousins. “Knowing that she is on the other side is a kind of superpower,” Gago pointed out before highlighting her courage and commitment. This award recognizes the trajectory of young actors and actresses on the national scene.

“Suddenly all the people I have worked with come to mind,” said Cuesta already on stage at the ADDA. It is with all of them that he has wanted to share the award. The Valencian has explained that she feels doubly rewarded for sharing the limelight with, among others, Kiti Mánver.

Mánver, with a long career both on the big screen and in the theater, has received the Honor Award. Directors Bernabé Rico and Juan Carlos Rubio have given it to him, who confess that they are faced with a duplicate response problem to the question “Do you prefer to make films with the best possible actors or with your best friends?”

«I am very surprised that you are going to give me an honor award when most of my characters are supporting characters. I am very much what journalists usually call ‘the eternal high school’ ”, a humble Manver has pointed out, jokingly.

The actress remembered the interviews after her role in the film The inconvenient, the sixth work in which he was the protagonist. “Out of 20 interviews, in 15 or 16 they told me ‘you, who are the eternal secondary …?'”. The malagueña thanked Alicante for betting on culture “in these difficult moments that have hit our teammates so much.”

Pedro Casablanc, who received the Festival’s Honor Award in the last edition, has presented the one who, on this occasion, has received recognition for her work as a director with a long journey in the cinematographic world. “Saying something smart about Isabel is very difficult,” Casablanc pointed out.

Isabel Coixet has thus received the Lucentum Prize. The director, with her latest film It snows in Benidorm, has recalled a macho anecdote that her grandmother told her when she was just a child to later express her joy that the honorary awards fall on three women. «I shoot movies. Life is not as bad as it seems, “he stressed as his great luck.

Vicente Seva, director of the Alicante Film Festival, thanked all the professionals for their support and celebrated the event as a “reencounter of culture.” Julia Parra, vice president of the Provincial Council, highlighted today in the ADDA the importance of initiatives such as this one to “return the cinema to the prominence it deserves”, and the mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala, pointed out that the festival is a “sign of identity ”that is talked about outside the city.

The meeting was directed by a very successful Luis Larrodera, a classic of this appointment. The presenter has relied on the music of the Alicante group Mailers, whose songs have sounded at different times during the event.

This opening ceremony gives way to a week full of cinema, with the screening of eight feature films and pieces from a total of 22 countries.

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