Tuesday, May 18

Alicante property managers warn that covid restrictions are slowing down works on buildings

General view of houses in the city of Alicante with the castle of Santa Barbara in the background

General view of houses in the city of Alicante with the castle of Santa Barbara in the background
Rafa Arjones

The General Council of Associations of Property Administrators –CGCAFE-, after the various meetings held with the different Parliamentary Groups, has succeeded in getting the Socialist Parliamentary Group, the Popular Group and the Citizens Group to present motions so that virtual meetings can be held of the owners’ meetings.

Approximately one million are celebrated in Spain annual meetings of communities of owners, who have not been able to celebrate due to the health situation caused by the covid, which has meant that an engine of economic development as important as that of services, maintenance and, fundamentally, construction work on buildings has been slowed, and with this, that numerous companies are being affected by the stoppage of works to improve the accessibility, the telecommunications, the energy efficiency and the building rehabilitation usually. For Salvador Diez, President of the College, “If this situation continues, the management of aid to the building sector from the European Recovery Fund will be compromised.”.

The Collegiate Property Administrators request the urgent approval of a standard that regulates, at the state level, the holding of owners ‘meetings and of the governing bodies of the owners’ communities by cybernetic means, guaranteeing the right of participation of all owners -who may attend represented-, and with the possibility of intervening in the deliberations and of guarantee the casting of your vote.

However, its peculiarities, the number of owners and the ability to access technology must be borne in mind. For this reason, and given that not all communities will be able to meet virtually, the possibility of adopt agreements without a Board while the restrictions last.

Remember that the Autonomous Community of Catalonia It does establish the possibility of meetings via telematics and the validity of making agreements of the Board of Owners with this system with the approval of the Decree-law 26/2020, of June 23, on extraordinary measures in sanitary and administrative matters. Since then, solutions similar to those proposed by the CGCAFE have been in force in Catalonia without having generated no problem between the owners and proving useful so that neither community life nor the economy slows down.

In practice, many communities of owners are guaranteed its operation and, unless a need arises for some urgent work, a large part of the owners prefer not to hold meetings to avoid contagion risks. For this reason, and to provide legal coverage for these situations, Salvador Diez explains the need to “suspend the obligation to convene meetings annually for 12 months and tacitly consider renewed both the positions of the Community’s Board of Owners and the budgets with the legal backing



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