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Alicante starts the year with payments of almost 850,000 euros per month for five services without a contract

The new awardee of the green areas took over the service at the beginning of this 2021, despite the fact that the process is radicalized.  | TheectorR FUENTES

The new awardee of the green areas took over the service at the beginning of this 2021, despite the fact that the process is radicalized. | TheectorR FUENTES

Thee Alicante TownTheall the year starts with a lot pending job. Also in matters of hiring. And is that five services that are provided without a contract (The previous ones ended, as well as the possible extensions) represent a monthly cost of around 850,000 euros. Thus, the bipartisan not only has to unblock the situation of these contracts (cleaning of schools and dependencies, maintenance of the cemetery and telecommunications services, express lighting and natural gas)Instead, it must streamline management if it does not want the anomalous situation to be extended to other million-dollar contracts, such as street cleaning and waste collection, along with urban transport. Both end in this year. Out-of-contract payments are one of the crusades that Intervention maintains with the executive on duty, by urging without excessive success that services are regularized.

Out of this situation, since the beginning of 2021 the maintenance of the city’s green areas. Which is, from this perspective, a relief, since the contract is around 5.8 million per year. Of course, the process is radicalized.

Theowever, most of the pie of the services that continue to be provided outside the contract corresponds to the cleaning of schools and municipal offices, jobs that have been provided in this way for almost a year, when in February 2020 the contractual relationship between the TownTheall and the UTE awarded, which continues to lead the service but charging through payments approved by the Governing Board as credit acknowledgments. This fact is not trivial, because the successful bidder also obtained at the end of 2020 the award by the emergency route of a contract forto reinforce the antitoxind” cleaning due to the pandemic, which represents a cost of 2.3 million euros for ten months.

Cleaning antitoxind” represents 2.3 million for the course. | INFORMATION

Thee general cleaning contract has been the focus of political disputes in recent months. In fact, his management led to the creation of an investigation commission, which concluded that there were breaches in the service. That battle was also key in the decision of the bipartisan to paralyze the tender for the service, which went out to tender last summer. Alleged errors in the specifications, which were appealed by at least three entities, made the municipal government decide to restart the process, in order to also negotiate the conditions of the contract with the municipal opposition. After this movement, the Councilor for Infrastructure, José Ramón González, held meetings with opposition groups to try to agree on a specification that satisfies the government and opposition with reinforcements in the service.

That decision, on the other hand, also causes the service to continue being provided for longer outside the contract. The administrative process has not yet been restarted.

More issues

But not only the cleaning of schools and facilities is in this anomalous situation in the Alicante City Council, although most of them are already on the way to normalizing in the coming months. There is also the cemetery maintenance, which has been like this since July 2019. At the end of last year, the executive promoted the tender for the service of funeral activities, cleaning and comprehensive maintenance of the cemetery, which represents a monthly expense of around 30,000 euros, according to the latest payments approved in Governing Board.

As of an approximate date, May 2019, the lighting service 48 hours, which generates a monthly expense of about 45,000 euros. Since a year earlier, June 2018, the City Council’s telecommunications service has been without a contract, which is also in the bidding phase. So far, the executive is paying about 55,000 euros a month for the service to which the two best-known companies in the sector aspire, which can earn up to one million euros a year.

More recently, the supply of natural gas for schools, municipal offices and sports facilities was left without a valid contract, which during cold months represents an expense of around 10,000 euros per month.

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