Sunday, September 26

Alicante strengthens all controls to avoid crowds but does not suspend any Christmas event for the moment

The City Council will reinforce controls for avoid crowds in public spaces and at scheduled events on the occasion of Christmas, but does not suspend, at least for the moment, any of the planned activities. This was agreed by the government team this Saturday in a emergency meeting held to analyze the situation in the face of the negative evolution of the health situation and take a series of measures aimed at guaranteeing the safety of citizens, after the Valencian Community led the number of deaths and hospital admissions in the last seven days, according to Government data, as indicated by municipal sources.

The meeting, chaired by Mayor Luis Barcala, was attended by the Deputy Mayor, Mari Carmen Sánchez, as well as the Councilors for Security, Culture and Commerce, José Ramón González, Antonio Manresa and Lidia López, respectively, and the Commissioner of the Local Police Julio Calero. As explained by the same sources, after analyzing the result of the three meetings held yesterday, including the Local Security Board itself and the one that took place in Valencia and convened by the Generalitat and the Government Delegation, and in view of the entry into force next Monday of the decree of the Ministry of Health that restricts mobility in the Valencian Community, the mayor has ordered for this same weekend the immediate reinforcement of all control systems to avoid crowds and the monitoring of capacity in all public spaces, large shops and municipal markets, given that a large influx of people from all parts of the province is expected.

For these purposes, and after deciding to maintain the street closure plan to expand the spaces for citizen use, it will pay special attention to the most commercial areas, as well as those that are being the scene of more visits. Likewise, it will be controlled through the Local Police that the gauges are strictly enforced in all shopping centers and fairs, despite the fact that as they are private spaces, it is up to the owners to guarantee security and capacity. In the event of detecting that these maximum capacities and the distancing established by the Generalitat are not met, the activity will be immediately closed.

At the same time, and in view of the remainder of the Christmas holidays and once the new restrictive measures of the Generalitat come into force, it has been decided make the events scheduled by the Alicante City Council subject to the evolution of the data of the pandemic. All of them comply with the new requirements of the Ministry of Health and for this reason they are maintained for now, but the suspension of any of them is not ruled out if the health circumstances or the recommendations of the Generalitat make it appropriate.

More controls to avoid private parties that violate the measures

On the other hand, it has been agreed to establish a collaboration plan between the Local Police, the National Police and the Civil Guard to carry out strict controls in rural games, having evidence that many social gatherings that violate the established sanitary measures are being organized and are scheduled to be held in private houses located on the outskirts of the city of Alicante. It has also been decided to promote a crash plan for the additional cleaning of playgrounds and playgrounds, in the face of a foreseeable increase in use as school classes cease in the coming days.

The mayor of Alicante has asked, at the end of the meeting, that the residents of Alicante take extreme precautions. “I am aware that some special days are coming but I ask all the people of Alicante to maintain the level of collaboration that they have shown so far. We cannot lower our guard, “he pointed out. The mayor has asserted that” we are very close to the end thanks to the immediate start of vaccination, “so now” we cannot jettison all the effort we have made so far lowering our guard because some special days are coming. “For this reason, he has insisted on asking” please, maximum common sense “, and on appealing to” strictly comply with all security protocols, maintain a safe distance, use masks and extreme hygienic measures. The important thing now is that we can celebrate not one, but many Christmas parties in the coming years ”.

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