Friday, October 22

Alicante, the province where everything is in advertisements

The history of the projects, emblematic, iconic, or simply necessary, that this province has been discarding and frustrating by the opposition, sometimes difficult to understand, from Alicante themselves, the wars between politicians (I cancel it because it was designed by my rival, and this one is gone) is endless and, together with the lack of respect for our heritage, causes Alicante to lose, opportunity after opportunity, the possibility of offering something beyond excellent weather. The last example we have with the controversy surrounding the old Ideal cinema building. In the heart of the capital of the province itself, it is a clear example of how the city despises its heritage. After almost twenty years closed, and without the Administration lifting a finger to preserve it, giving it some public utility, the building is, despite its current good conservation, on the way to ruin by preventing private initiative from saving it. When it seemed that the Ideal would become a luxury hotel respecting the façade, the Ministry of Culture, which the Ideal did not give a damn when it was managed both by the PP, and in recent years in the hands of the Botànic, has decided increase the level of protection inside – an old cinema stalls – blocking the project, and, incidentally, paralyzing the sale operation that the owners had closed. The worst thing is that all this without providing any plausible solution or alternative, such as taking over the property to give it a different use to the hotelier. Decades for this it has had, but everything indicates that in a few years, if a bad reform is not the culprit of ending the old cinemaThey will be done by the negligence of those who could do something and the passage of time itself.

The groups and platforms that claim another use for the Ideal They put all their effort to fight it, but it is delusional that the Administration is always late and bad and, I am afraid that, in this case, that ineffectiveness will become the perfect attribute of the politicians who in the last 50 years have caused, by action and omission, that in the city of Alicante and, in many other municipalities of the province can never do anything, and nothing can come to fruition. Let’s hope at least that the Ideal does not end up becoming an absurdity like the one at the “Casa Alberola”, that nineteenth-century building split in half in front of the Canalejas park.

And what really pisses off is that, regardless of who governs Alicante and the rest of the Alicante cities, almost never any initiative prospers. Apart from the spectacle in which the management of the project has become so that the province of Alicante has a Conference Center -the old flour mills will become an urbanization facing the sea, thus frustrating the umpteenth location of the complex-, or that the city solve, once and for all, which port you want to have, the lack of interest in getting icons is alarming. In the last 30 years, the city has become a kind of testing laboratory where project after project is announced, but nothing ends. From the construction of a funicular to access the castle of Santa Bárbara, which is not an example of poor conservation, and is illuminated with patches at the price of gold, to the union of the two docks of the port with an underwater aquarium, passing through the eternal promise of pedestrianization of the waterfront, while the old town goes from decadent to denigrating.

There are students in Benidorm and Torrevieja who have been in barracks for ten and up to sixteen years

Ideas are launched that never finish materializing and when someone comes up with something, they almost always end up facing the wall. Along with Ideal, the penultimate example has been the port’s decision to approve a concession for the opening of a restaurant in the Cabo de las Huertas lighthouse. The administrative process started in March. Previously, the port managers offered the part of the lighthouse now convertible into a restaurant to the Provincial Council and the City Council. Nobody moved a paper and now, nine months later and with everything approved black on white, the issue seems to end in a legal battle for the opposition of the groups that do not like the idea, since the City Council – present in the harbor council- has looked the other way and given up the battle. The Diputación and Consell are not expected either.

The same port and the same city, on the other hand, which also they let the port district of Heliodoro Madrona deteriorate over the years. Imagine what other European cities would do there. Or that the temporary bus station becomes definitive, because the land through which the train entered has been transformed into a kind of rubbish dump – fortunately they are cleaned on time – and not into the large central park that the city needs. city. The AVE arrived seven years ago, but since then it has not moved a meter of land. It seems that the issue had been reactivated, but the covid has stopped it again.

But not only in Alicante the rosary of breaches is shameful, Benidorm, the city that until now walked alone thanks to tourism income, has spent ten years with the students of the Pere María Orts i Boch institute in barracks, of the second phase of the Poniente seafront, little or nothing is known, and the works of the first phase of the Cultural Center will end in a few months after ten years paralyzed , while the rest of the building will continue in structure. We were sold that Terra Mítica was going to be our Eurodisney, our City of Arts and Sciences and after a few years with almost no visitors, and that now is managed by people who know, this year it has not opened directly, because of the covid and because it does not work. And if there are students in barracks in Benidorm, the record is held by Torrevieja, a hundred kilometers to the south, where students from the Amanecer school have been in prefabricated classrooms since 2004. The reuse of the structure of the ill-fated Novelda Marble Technical Unit or the rehabilitation of the BIC the Colonia Santa Eulalia de Sax are other projects called to be icons and that are still in the drawer, such as the railway connection between the capital and the airport or the remodeling of the Alicante-Villena highway, whose accesses to the Alicante ring road have been left out of the regulations.

Endless nonsense that this year have been covered by the covid health crisis, but that should enter the agendas, now that it seems that it is serious that, in a few months, along with the desired vaccines, a shower of millions will arrive from Brussels. Let’s hope that the new Mashall Plan does not remain in four roundabouts or, what is worse, in someone’s pocket, and that, in twelve months, in December 2021, Alicante will not be the province of many announcements and no reality . Now, in addition, there is an urgent need to create jobs, which is missing, right?

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