Thursday, October 28

Alicante will allocate almost 250,000 euros to attract national tourists for the Christmas holidays

Tourists on the Postiguet beach in Alicante, last Christmas.  |  PILAR CORTÉS

Tourists on the Postiguet beach in Alicante, last Christmas. | PILAR CORTÉS

Alicante seeks national tourist, especially in nearby autonomous communities, so that they can enjoy the sun and the beach, the gastronomy, culture, leisure and sports of the city during next christmas. With this objective, the Municipal Tourist Board will allocate almost 250.000 euros to promote a Promotion campaign in search of attracting national visitors during the upcoming holidays, which are expected to be marked by restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The autonomous entity has launched the contest to award the service to a communication agency, which will have to take care of both the creativity of the campaign and the subsequent media plan. This will be the third campaign of the municipal board since the crisis caused by the covid broke out in mid-March: it announced a tourism promotion initiative for last summer – a period in which the bipartisan presumes that Alicante obtained the best national tourist data in all of Spain, resisting the threat of the pandemic- and another facing the October bridge (for the Valencian Community Day and the Hispanic Day). Between the two dates, the administration spent slightly less than 100,000 euros, according to municipal sources. In this case, facing the 2020 Christmas campaign, the investment is five times higher, since the Alicante City Council estimates the value of the promotion contract at 248,050 euros.

This time, the objective is to carry out a campaign to position the “Alicante” brand with an “attractive and competitive” image that promotes the tourist and commercial offer to attract tourism during the Christmas campaign. “It is intended to encourage consumption during the Christmas season among the residents of the city, attract local tourism and promote national tourism as far as possible and in the current circumstances of health and economic crisis”, according to the specifications conditions for contracting a communication campaign to promote Alicante as a tourist and commercial destination. Bids to the bidding process can be submitted until December 9, according to the bid announcement that was made public this Monday.

This search for a national tourist for this coming Christmas, as it happened in summer and on the bridge in October, is again focused on the communities closest to or with more historical relationship with Alicante: Murcia, Madrid, the Basque Country, Castilla y León , Castilla-La Mancha, Aragon, Catalonia, also including the Valencian Community. To the visitor, Alicante aims to offer “security” against the covid, along with attractions such as the sun and the beach, gastronomy, culture, leisure and sports, as well as natural resources.

In media

According to the specifications published this Monday, the promotional campaign in the media will be distributed mainly between national, regional and local television (30% of the total) and national, regional and local digital press (30%). The awardee will also contract spaces in outdoor advertising media, such as billboards, banners and canvases (15%), along with other media, such as national and local radio and spotify (10%) and social networks (10%). Finally, the campaign will also be seen in specialized and Sunday magazines (5% of total investment in media).

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