Saturday, May 27

Alicante will expand the tour of the Three Kings Parade for safety against the covid

The Alicante City Council maintains the Magic kings’s horse riding for the afternoon-night of next Wednesday, day 5, with a “wide reinforcement of security measures “, which come to complement the recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health for the celebration of the great children’s Christmas event. The Party councilor, Manuel Jiménez, explained this Thursday that this reinforcement is contemplated in a clause of the contract for organizing the parade, that authorizes the modification of its conditions for public health reasons. Among these complementary measures of the recommendations of the Generalitat, the City Council will proceed to the extension and modification of the parade route to promote a distribution and proportional dispersion of the public Y thus avoid possible crowds at certain points along the route of the royal entourage.

The expansion area is yet to be defined. To this end, the mayor of Fiestas will meet this weekend with the company awarded the Parade and with heads of the municipal areas involved in its development to specify the details of this security plan. “In this special device the City Council has already included the recommendations of the Ministry of Health such as the capacity control through the chairs and the extension of the fence and perimeter of the route with new security seals “, they explain from the bipartite.

New Year’s Eve children’s party

Likewise, the mayor of Fiestas has stressed that the New Year’s Eve children’s party that takes place at 11.00 this Friday in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento “It complies with all the indications issued by the Consell and has other measures that reinforce the security of this stage show”. Jiménez emphasizes that the children’s show will be developed with a reduction to 50% of the capacity of the square with a maximum of 500 people, which will remain seated and separated by familiar “bubble groups”. To access the party It will be necessary to present the covid passport and the use of the mask is mandatory. The enclosure will also have Inflatables for exclusively ornamental use and its doors will open at 10 a.m..

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Provisional traffic closure

On the occasion of this children’s show of New Years Eve, the Local Police will close the Plaza del Ayuntamiento to traffic from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Friday. In that same time slot, parking is also prohibited on Rafael Altamira Street (loading and unloading). For this device, a pre-cut will be carried out on Calle San Telmo, on the corner of Plaza Puerta del Mar, to filter road traffic. An alternative exit itinerary will also be enabled by Gravina-Paseito Ramiro-Juan Bautista Lafora and, likewise, the circuit formed by María Josefa Agreda Muñoz and Alberola Romero will be open to circulation.

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