Monday, September 27

Alicante will have a bicycle and electric scooter rental service

The Alicante Town Hall carry the Tuesday to the Governing Board the approval of the bases of a preliminary market consultation for iimplant a rental system in Alicante without fixed base electric bicycles and electric scooters for two years with the possibility of an extension of another. A preliminary market consultation for the selection of collaborating companies which will serve as the basis for preparing the technical specifications that will regulate it, informs the City Council. The rules establish that “the Alicante City Council will not make any financial contribution to this service, and two companies will be selected, one for electric bicycles and the other for electric scooters, which may coincide”.

The initial proposal of the City Council starts from a initial estimate of 370 electric bicycles and 370 electric scooters, all with interchangeable batteries, a total of 740 units. In principle they have planned 75 virtual stations, with 20 seats that can use both bicycles and scooters. A system of virtual stations is chosen, where the physical elements will be minimal, and the anchoring of the vehicles will be done virtually with the mobile.

The Councilor for Mobility, José Ramón González, points out that “the City Council wants to implement a system for renting bicycles and electric scooters as measure to promote sustainable mobility at no cost to municipal coffers. The technicians emphasize that proposals and contributions must be obtained through a preliminary market consultation, before the preparation of the technical specifications that will regulate it ”.

The area has proposed that users can access the rental system downloading an application on your mobile phone, thanks to which they can find an electric bicycle or electric scooter nearby, reserve it, unlock it and use it for the desired time. When they finish their journey, always in an authorized parking lot, with the application, they will lock the bicycle or scooter with a smart lock that will be closed thanks to the application, without the obligation or need to anchor it to a fixed element, in order to guarantee the order of all these elements in the public space, they explain from the Mobility area.

Councilor José Ramón González

Alternative to vehicles

The Councilor for Mobility and Traffic has stressed that the objective is “Create an individual mobility management system, integrated into the city and offering an alternative to vehicles and motorized mobility, with bicycles and electric scooters. The idea is to provide the city of Alicante with a public service of personal or individual mobility that responds to the potential mobility of short distance or micromobility, and that is complementary to collective public transport“.

The call is open and is aimed at individuals or legal entities, individually or in a joint venture, interested in submitting their proposals in relation to the subsequent hiring file. The presentation of several proposals or solutions by each participant will be accepted.

In the bases it will be established that electric bicycles and scooters will allow advertising, and all bicycles will be pedal-assisted. The electric scooters, will have the certificate of circulation that guarantees compliance with the technical requirements required by national and international regulations contained in its characteristics manual, as well as its identification. The maximum speed by design will be between 6 and 25 km / h.

The Alicante City Council, through the Department of Mobility and Traffic, explains that it is developing different initiatives aimed at the progressive implementation in the city of Alicante of “a model of safe, sustainable, healthy, accessible and connected urban mobility”, within which there is room, among others, the promotion and encouragement of sustainable, safe and economical modes of travel, such as bicycles and personal mobility vehicles.

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