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Alicante’s urban bus service loses 30% of users due to the pandemic and a deficit of five million is expected by 2021

Campaign for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Campaign for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

The urban bus service of the city of Alicante has lost 30% of its users due to the coronavirus pandemic. This was confirmed today by the Councilor for Transport, the popular Manuel Villar, during the presentation of the campaign “We neither wait, nor shut up nor rest”, organized on the occasion of the celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, on November 25. “We were unable to recover 30% of users who have been lost due to the pandemic. We are at 70% of the users prior to the pandemic. We are going to start awareness campaigns to try to recover more users, because public transport in Alicante is safe “said Villar, who estimates that the deficit due to the fall in users may reach the five million euros next year. This 2021, the deficit due to the fall in users has been around six million euros, weighed mainly by the months of confinement.

The mayor Villar has made these statements during the presentation of a campaign on urban buses, in which he has been accompanied by the Councilor for Equality, María Conejero. From today almost a hundred buses of the municipal public transport, Radio Tele Taxi and the shops of the Association ‘Corazón de Alicante’ will display the posters of the campaign to raise awareness about this social scourge.

The Councilor for Equality, María Conejero, has underlined that “it is important to sensitize the whole of Alicante society about the importance of sexist violence that, to this day, continues to claim victims.” Villar explained that “the 96 buses of the urban fleet will display the protest panels from today and throughout the next week, as well as the interurban ones thanks to the collaboration of the Vectalia group”. “Public transport is the best means for this message reaches the whole city. This is a campaign that must always be supported ”, as he added.

The Councilor for Commerce, Lidia López, who has not been in the official presentation of the campaign despite their presence announced, has underlined through a statement that “to make clear our support for the fight against the harsh reality of violence against women, we have adhered placing the official poster with the legend of 25-N in the shops of Alicante ”.

This year the campaign has been extended to taxis. According to Francisco Sánchez, president of Radio Tele Taxi, there are about 500 vehicles that carry the slogan of the campaign. It has also been seen in the one hundred banners with the campaign on 50 street lamps in the city center.

Events program

The central point of the commemorative events of 25-N will be the Institutional Act scheduled for noon on Wednesday, November 25 at the Blue Room of the Alicante City Council. Access, taking into account the health measures for Covid-19, will be limited. At 11:45 a.m. an allusive banner will be displayed from the main balcony of the Town Hall. A minute’s silence will follow. At 12.15 pm the Official Act will begin which, for the first time, will be broadcast live on the City Council’s You Tube channel.

The exhibition “I have no owner” is another of the appointments to commemorate 25-N. It can be seen until Friday, November 27 on the windows of the Sénica Building. It has been provided by the Culture Service of the University of Alicante.

The exhibition groups together a total of 31 works by illustrator Diana Raznovich in which the unequal power relations between women and men are addressed in comic format, “considering the maximum expression of violence against women in its different manifestations such as violence. physical and psychological, sexual assaults, trafficking and sexual exploitation, among others ”, said Conejero.

The events will continue on Monday, November 23 with the online talk given by Professor Carmen Ruiz Repullo with the title “Don’t love me so much, love me well” in which it will address the prevention of sexist violence from an early age. The objective of this talk, addressed to all types of public, is, affirms María Conejero, “to provide conceptual keys to understand the psychosocial and emotional framework that sustains a structural violence that must and can be tackled, in the first place, from coeducation”.

The schedule of activities will be closed by the classical music concert “Music and voice to rewrite history.” It will be performed by Sylvia Torán on the piano, and Carolina Alcaide. It will take place in the Culture Room of the Mediterranean Foundation on Wednesday, November 25, at 8:00 p.m. It is the result of the collaboration between the Department of Equality and the Concert Society

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