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Alicia Machado, former Miss Universe, denounces Xenophobia in Colombia for being Venezuelan and is moved to tears

Alicia Machado, former Miss Universe, denounced on her Instagram account the Xenophobia that she lived in Colombia for being Venezuelan.

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The former Miss Universe most famous, controversial, but also one of the most beautiful, Alicia machado, He used his Instagram account to make a “Live” from Mexico, where he was fulfilling work commitments. This after passing through the Masterchef Celebrity Colombia. Although he said he deeply loved the country neighboring hers, he assured that suffered a strong Xenophobia in it for being Venezuelan.

Alicia machado was a victim, like many of Venezuelans who have emigrated, from Xenophobia, that there is right now against many of his countrymen in the world. All of this comes after the 4th of July the former Miss Universe He posted a photo on Instagram in which he appeared with the flag of the United States on his shoulders. The following day, the independence of your country, Venezuela, but the actress also remained silent.

She assured that she does not have to celebrate dates that are already history, as she explained. He also said that, when everything changes with the current regime that governs In Venezuela, she will be the first to celebrate something as weighty as Independence Day. She explained that she responded to an Instagram user and that is why she received a strong attack from some. To which is added the Xenophobic who says that she lived in Colombia for the simple fact of being Venezuelan.

Before and at the beginning of its transmission, Alicia machado thanked the entire team of Masterchef Celebrity Colombia that they treated her unsurpassedly well. But still, the xenophobia of which he says he was a victim It came from people from that country. He also took the opportunity to thank Mexico for all the hospitality they have always given him.

“One, two, three or four flies that always damage a delicious dish… nothing happens. My affection has always been the same. My bad experiences were very specific. Some of the things that were done against me, I did not realize. I was doing what I went to, my thing, to work… I was already used to that kind of thing. What I was not used to it was Xenophobia… How good that I experienced those episodes and that is why I realized what we Venezuelans are suffering … I was able to experience firsthand what I know that millions of Venezuelans are experiencing … xenophobia attacks in different parts of Latin America … For many I represent a voice of Venezuelans and I will continue to represent my country, Venezuela … Say no to Xenophobia“, He said Alicia machado while reiterating his love and respect for Colombia.

As to Venezuela he properly added: “like thousands of Venezuelans in the world I feel wounded, betrayed, hurt, confused because for me the situation that Venezuelans have gone through has been very painful… I have lost my brother as a result of violence in a country that it is out of control and kidnapped by a very difficult regime and it is also kidnapped by hunger, violence, corruption … ”, he tried to complete Alicia Machado when tears hindered her words.

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