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Alicia Machado tells without censorship who her worst sexual experience was: an entertainer adept at the Venezuelan government

Getty Images. Alicia Machado has uncensored who her worst sexual experience was: an entertainer who was adept at the Venezuelan government.

Justin Sullivan. / Getty Images

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado told without censoring anything about her experience in the sexual sphere and especially her worst experience in this sense. Is about a Venezuelan deputy adept at the government of that country. Winston vallenilla, who developed much of his career as one of the most important and recognized animators in Venezuela. Without fear of what they will say, Alicia machado He told without mincing words what many did not know.

The also actress and businesswoman Alicia machado once again he displayed his spontaneity and his simplicity and revealed her most traumatic sexual experience. The same was with It was with the Venezuelan Winston Vallenilla, Venezuelan entertainer adept at Chavismo and who now holds government positions in that country.

The explosive Alicia machado He has not stopped surprising with his controversial interventions in the recently released reality show of the chain Telemundo “La Casa de Los Famosos”. The former Miss Universe was the last star to confirm her participation in the show that would reunite her with her ex Pablo Montero.

But this has not turned out to be the hottest thing. Now it is going to give fabric to cut, because this is just beginning. Alicia machado set fire to networks, programs and gossip pages by publishing a video where he tells the Venezuelan actor Jorge Aravena intimate details of what so far has been her worst sexual experience.

Alicia machado without hairs on the tongue he told that Winston vallenilla, actor and entertainer with whom he dated at one time in his native Venezuela, did not measure up to his expectations, especially in size. She recounted how it all happened: “He treated me like a queen. He did not think he was a Chavista, far from it, he was an actor and host of Radio Caracas Televisión … His father was charming, very cool. But hey, poor thing he went crazy; and I started going out with him, he would look for me on the motorcycle, he would send me flowers, the guy all cloying; too cloying … Until one day we went to the club and ended up in my apartment and I had to go to the bathroom. He is the only one with whom what I have had to say has happened to me -no- I am not going to turn on this washing machine to wash that cloth … I think it must be a disease .. “, referring to the size of the sexual organ of the gentleman to the while he pointed the same with his hand.

Alicia machado He expressed that it was at that time he did not give it importance because he was very young, but that later he understood that this may be the origin of what he considers: “… Complexes and the stupidity of Winston vallenilla“. As expected, the comments exploded when this news spread and even the Venezuelan animator himself He responded on Twitter emulating his comment and stating among other things: “Alicia Machado had to fix the washing machine because it was damaged from so much use.”

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