Thursday, April 15

All HBO premieres in April

Arrives April and it does so loaded with interesting news in HBO. A month in which combative and fighting women will be the protagonists with titles such as ‘Mare of Easttown’, the miniseries starring Kate Winslet, the Victorian superheroines of ‘The Nevers’ or the return of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, the acclaimed series starring Elisabeth Moss.

Oscar winner for ‘The reader’ becomes a shrewd detective tasked with investigating a murder in a small town in Pennsylvania. She is accompanied by Guy Pearce, Evan Peters or Jean Smart, among others. ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ finally premieres its fourth season: June continues with her fight for freedom, but new and dangerous challenges are approaching.

Another that returns is ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’, with its second season, which will be headed by Robin Thede and Ashley Nicole Black. In the new episodes, they will live fun and close experiences in a magical reality that puts traditional expectations against the ropes.

Returning to the news, highlights ‘The Nevers’, a new series in which a group of chosen women endowed with supernatural powers who must learn to live with them and choose their side in history. There is also the documentary series ‘Reza, obedece, mata (Knutby)’, in which he explores the murders related to a religious congregation in Sweden.

But there is so much more to enjoy on HBO in April. This is the full release list for the platform this month:


– ‘Vikings’ (Final Season – April 1)

– ‘Manifest’ (Season 3 – April 2)

– ‘Pray, obey, kill (Knutby)’ (April 4)

– ‘Exterminate all the savages’ (April 8)

– ‘The Nevers’ (12 de abril)

– ‘Welcome to Utmark’ (April 18)

– ‘Mare of Easttown’ (April 19)

– ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ (Season 2 – April 24)

– ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ (Season 4 – April 29)


– ‘The Warren File: The Conjuring’ (April 1)

– ‘The Warren File: The Enfield Case’ (April 1)

– ‘Green Lantern’ (April 1)

– ‘Troy’ (April 1)

– ‘The Tourist’ (1 de abril)

– ‘Saving Private Ryan’ (April 2)

– ‘Escape plan’ (April 2)

– ‘The proclamation’ (April 9)

– ‘Silvio (and the others)’ (April 9)

– ‘An ocean among us’ (April 9)

– ‘The light of my life’ (April 10)

– ‘Our Towns’ (14 de abril)

– ‘Flashdance’ (April 16)

– ‘Monstrous (Cloverfield)’ (April 16)

– ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ (April 16)

– ‘Escobar: Paradise Lost’ (April 16)

– ‘The dancer’ (April 16)

– ‘Queen Victoria’ (April 16)

– ‘The endless story’ (April 23)

– ‘Eternity’ (23 de abril)

– ‘The house of the spirits’ (April 23)

– ‘Captain Koblic’ (April 30)


– ‘Peppa Pig’ (Season 6 – April 1)

– ‘Justice League in Action’ (Season 1 – April 23)


– ‘Megamind’ (April 2)

– ‘Robinson. A tropical adventure ‘(April 2)

– ‘Doraemon and the Kingdom of Kibo’ (April 9)

– ‘Whoops! Where is Noah? ‘ (April 9th)

– ‘Detective Pikachu’ (April 13)

– ‘Lego DC Shazam !: Magic and Monsters’ (April 23)

– ‘Trolls’ (April 30)

– ‘The seventh dwarf’ (April 30)

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