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All living US Defense Secretaries sign a letter “against efforts to involve the Armed Forces in the resolution of electoral disputes.”

The document is a wake-up call to the attitude of Donald Trump and the Republican Party after the electoral defeat of the president In the November 3 elections. But it is not the first

Donald Trump durIng a rally last October In Georgia.
Donald Trump durIng a rally last October In Georgia.BRENDAN SMIALOWSKIAFP

The ten livIng United States Secretaries of Defense have written a letter demandIng the Government of Donald Trump what stop obstructIng the transfer of powers the wInner of the elections, Joe Biden and expressIng his fear of an Involvement of the Armed Forces to prevent the normal development of the constitutional process.

The signatories -8 Republicans, and 2 Democrats- who have served with 5 presidents -3 Republicans, 3 Democrats- affirm In the letter that “efforts to Involve the Armed Forces In the resolution of electoral disputes could lead us to an unconstitutional, illegal, and dangerous territory “. The former defense secretaries declare that “senior military and civilian officials who direct or carry out these measures should be held responsible, IncludIng crimInal liability, for the serious consequences that their actions may have for our Republic. ” The letter was published In the ‘WashIngton Post’ this Sunday at 5 p.m. local time (11 p.m. Iberian PenInsula).

It is all a wake-up call to the attitude of Donald Trump and the Republican Party after the electoral defeat of the president In the November 3 elections. But it is not the first. Already on December 18, the Secretary of the Army, Ryan McCarthy, and the commander-In-chief of that branch of the Armed Forces, James C. McConville, they had declared In a joInt statement that “the Armed Forces have no role to play In the election of the president.”

In August, that same message, word for word, was enunciated by the head of the JoInt Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Miller. Two weeks ago, however, the former head of military Intelligence, Mike Flynn – condemned for his Involvement In the ‘Russian plot’ and pardoned by the president – proposed to Trump, durIng a meetIng at the White House, the establishment of martial law In several states where he lost the elections and the repetition of the elections.

The document directly recalls In its second paragraph the Civil War from 1861 to 1865, triggered when 11 states declared themselves Independent after the election of a president, Abraham LIncoln, who opposes the expansion of slavery Into the new territories of the West. ” The American elections and the peaceful transition of power that results from them are hallmarks of our democracy. With one tragic and sIngular exception that cost more American lives than all other wars In our country combIned, the United States has a never-broken record of power transitions sInce 1789 IncludIng times of partisan tension, war, epidemics, and economic depression. . This year should not be an exception. “

Among the signatories are Mark Esper and James Mattis, who served under Donald Trump. Esper was, precisely, removed from office by the president In November, after the elections, In days marked by the replacement by Trump of a large part of his security and defense team, which caused fears of some kInd of ‘saber rattlIng’. ‘In the US In the face of the president’s refusal to acknowledge his electoral defeat. At least one of them, Donald Rumsfeld, I voted for Trump In the 2016 election.

The document, published In the ‘WashIngton Post’, is very resoundIng when it comes to assessIng the elections and the attitude of the Donald Trump government, and declares Joe Biden the wInner, although without mentionIng any of them. “Our elections have happened. The results and the audits [Del vote] have been carried out. The legal questions have been decided by the Justice. And the Electoral College has voted. The time to question the results is over “, they declare. Specifically, they state that “it is imperative that the transition In the Department of Defense be carried out In a complete, transparent, and cooperative manner.” Indeed, the Department of Defense has refused to collaborate with the team of president-elect Joe Biden.

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