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All Netflix releases for the month of May: new series, movies and seasons that arrive on the platform

We already know the new premieres of series, movies and the new seasons that are coming to Netflix this May. We tell you everything.

As usual Netflix every month, we already have available the list of the great releases coming to the cloud content platform in May.

Among the premieres we can see new series seasons that are already a success for this platform, like new series and movies that look pretty interesting.

If you have not yet been able to see the new ones that came in this month of April, here we leave you all the news that came this month, so you can catch up.

Thanks to a video published on YouTube by Netflix Spain, we know in detail what they will beand we tell you more about them.

By the order shown in it, Netflix announces season 4 of Stranger Things, one of the most iconic series on the platformwhich will give what to talk about for months, and which will see its premiere on May 27.

Then they announce the arrival of a new series called welcome to edenwhich will arrive on May 6, and also the arrival of the third season of Love, Death + Robots, for the 20th.

They also announce a new miniseries called Clark, which will premiere on May 5. The second installment of the film will arrive on the 6th incompatible.

On May 18th we will have the third season of the series Who Killed Sara, and on May 19th we will have the second season of the reality show Insiders.


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We will also have the second season of other reality shows, such as The Circle (May 4) and The Empire of Ostentation (May 13).

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As for documentaries, we will have “Cyberhell. The investigation that uncovered the horror.” The 18th of May. And for May 6, 19 and 20 we will have the films Let yourself go, Such for which and The perfect familyrespectively.

Finishing up, we will also have Lincoln’s Lawyer, which will be released on May 13, and the film Vuelta al insti, which will also premiere on that day.

With all this, Netflix further expands its extensive catalog, and lets us see why it is one of the best platforms on the market, although it is true that at a price that is too high.

we leave you with a chronological summary of everything presentedand we invite you to tell us on social networks how they look to you as they are released.

  • May 4: 2nd season The Circle (series).
  • May 5: Clark (miniseries).
  • May 6: Welcome to Eden (series), Incompatibles (film), Détaje Llevar (film).
  • May 13: 2nd season The empire of ostentation (reality), Lincoln’s lawyer (series), Vuelta al Insti (film).
  • May 18: Who Killed Sara (series), Cyber ​​Hell. The investigation that uncovered the horror (documentary).
  • May 19: 2nd season Insiders (reality), Such for which (film).
  • May 20: Love, Death + Robots (series), The Perfect Family (film).
  • May 27: 4th season Stranger Things (series)


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