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all the lines open and confidence in finding them alive

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All the open lines, all the available equipment and an investigation that does not rest. The disappearance on April 27 of little Anna and Olivia, aged 1 and 6, continues tirelessly by agents of the Civil Guard by land, sea and air. The device activated after learning of the disappearance of the small it keeps Likewise, with all the efforts and all the hope to find a trace of the girls and their father, Tomás Antonio Gimeno, who allegedly took them away and on whom a
international search order
by kidnapping.

The lines of research remain open, with a team combing the coast of Tenerife and the western islands of the Canary Islands before a possible disappearance at sea and an international investigation that tries to narrow down a trace in the event of a
flight out of Spain

The last time Tomás Antonio Gimeno was seen was alone, without the girls, aboard a boat he owned, in which set sail with several duffel bags and belongings After midnight on Tuesday 27. During the night, the girls ‘father threatened the girls’ mother, Beatriz Z, assuring that “he would never see them again, neither them nor him.” The girls’ mother kept in touch with his ex-partner until 1.30 a.m. at dawn, when she no longer heard from him and her phone remains off.

Hours later the boat was found
empty and adrift
As in the same area, the child restraint seat of one of the girls was located, so the search on the coast is still active with daily sweeps of the entire area.

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The Main Line: Finding Them Alive

The investigation team made up of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard in Santa Cruz de Tenerife together with the reinforcement of the Central Operating Unit (UCO), Maritime Rescue, the Emergency and Rescue Group (GES) of the Government of the Canary Islands and volunteers from the Civil Protection of Santa Cruz de Tenerife with a canine unit, continue the search with the possibility of finding them alive as the main option.

Since the ship was found without occupants, it is not ruled out that the father and the little ones change boats on the high seas and fled the country. In this line of research, Africa was studied at first as the closest but unlikely destination, since the ports were notified in a hurry, so the focus has been on South America.

A sailboat in the spotlight

Several vessels that passed through the same area where the ship owned by Tomás Antonio Gimeno was located are being investigated in parallel. Among them, one stands out with an unusual route, what passed through Candelaria, an infrequent waypoint, and that has the GPS deactivated on the way to Cape Verde, although more information about it is unknown. The notice that the three had been located in Cape Verde last week has been dismissed.

Civil Guard has informed ABC that all the clues and traces that citizenship offers are investigated, also this notice given by one of Tomás Antonio Gimeno’s friends, who remains aware of the maritime traffic of the area. He has asked his friend to return and desist from his escape plan.

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Similarly, it is not ruled out that someone has helped you to change ships, since it seems unlikely that this movement could have been carried out alone.

Records and traces

The last time the girls were seen was in Tuesday afternoon, on the farm owned by Tomás Antonio Gimeno where the three went after having picked up the girls with the aim of returning them to their mother at 9 pm as they had agreed.

This farm has already been

up to three times, both by the Civil Guard and the UCO, as well as the house of Tomás Antonio Gimeno, the car and the boat in which a trace of blood was found that belongs to the father of the little girls.

The mobile location and the signal captured in the calls is key, since Tomás Antonio Gimeno contacted the girls’ mother that night and returned to port to buy a charger. The trace of the phone is lost at sea, where it allegedly could have made the last call, since the terminal and the charger it bought were found on the ship adrift.

The accounts of Tomás Antonio Gimeno have also been investigated, although he made a movement of 55,000 euros days before the disappearance, the agents cannot confirm that it is a strange operation since it could be within their normal work activity.

Said goodbye to those close to him

One of the clues provided by the family of Tomás Antonio Gimeno and those close to him is the «parting tone»As they have described it with the one who contacted him the last day before his disappearance along with the little ones.

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The parents of Tomás and the grandparents of the girls saw him that afternoon and say that lIt seemed that he was saying goodbye to them Although he did not indicate his plans or the expected whereabouts. Some of his relatives say the same, who noticed an unusual farewell tone in the messages from Tomás Antonio Gimeno.

“Let him give up and make us suffer more”

In a text disseminated through social networks, Beatriz Z. has asked the girls’ father, Tomás Antonio Gimeno, to “Please give up” and “do not make them suffer more because they are not to blame for anything”. In addition, he thanked the public for the dissemination and support that “helps me to get up every day hopeful that they are coming back today.”

The mother of the little ones does not lose hope of recovering them in what she says is «A long distance race» in which he will “stay strong” by Anna and Olivia and thanks to the support of the people, who “feel like they are rowing with me.”

In previous messages broadcast by Beatriz Z, she has expressed her total confidence that “The girls are fine”.

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