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All the news of Windows 11 that will arrive in the new versions: changes from the file explorer to the quick start

Microsoft is preparing a lot of changes for Windows 11. And many of them are focused on adapting the operating system to “hybrid work”, as they call it. Changes in Windows 11 to speed up access to files, add security and better integrate your Windows 365 cloud system. Here we will explain all the changes that Microsoft is preparing for future Windows 11 updates.

The tabs reach the File Explorer. Rarely such a simple addition can improve the experience so much. Microsoft explains that Windows 11 will have a renewed File Explorer, with automatic suggestions, favorites and tabs, to be able to work from several folders quickly.

File Explorer Tabs

Folders in the start menu. Windows 11 will allow you to organize applications through folders, directly in the start menu. It is a function that has been allowed for a long time on mobile phones and tablets and that will now reach the desktop version.

Snap Layouts for touch screens. One of the novelties of Windows 11 was Snap Layouts, which allows us to easily reorganize what we are seeing in different windows, be it three columns, divided into four or, for example, 80:20. Now this feature comes to devices with touch screens. And it will be as simple as passing your finger over the option that we want to put. An improvement at the interface level for touch devices.

Rearrange Tabs

SmartAppControl. Another novelty is at the security level. Windows 11 will detect when a malicious app is trying to block other apps. This security layer uses artificial intelligence algorithms to try to predict when an app can be potentially dangerous. Being linked to the cloud, it will update its database to keep track of the latest malware or vulnerabilities that have appeared.

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Being integrated into the base of Windows 11, it will be necessary to reinstall Windows to access this function. New Windows 11 devices will already launch with this utility built in.

Built-in Phishing Protection. Windows 11 will be the first operating system with a layer of protection against phishing. Microsoft Defender is trained to detect it and will alert users when they access a website that could potentially be a phishing attack.

phishing images

do not disturb mode. This is one of those work-related novelties. Windows 11 will have a do not disturb mode to prevent notifications from popping up. It will also add a timer for the Focus function.

Enhanced video calls. Microsoft incorporates features to improve video calls such as ‘Voice Focus’ to eliminate background sounds and ‘Eye Contact’. It will also allow us to blur the background by automatically detecting our face.

live subtitles. Windows 11 will integrate live captions across all sound applications, both web-based and multi-app. It usually has to be the services themselves, such as YouTube, that allow the ‘Live Captions’ option to be added. With Windows 11 there will be its own engine that will allow you to have these automatic subtitles almost anywhere.

live captions

Launch directly into Windows 365. Microsoft reinforces its operating system in the cloud. Soon, users will be able to start the computer directly in Windows 365, as if it were just another session.

Switch to Windows 365 with a simple tab. The Windows 11 interface has been slightly revamped to integrate Windows 365 in a completely smooth way. With Windows 365 Switch, users will be able to switch from Windows 11 on-premises to Windows 365 in the cloud as if they were switching between applications. There is no need to open anything, just a mouse click or a swipe gesture and we will be taken to Windows 365 as if it were a second desktop.

Windows 365

Windows 365 offline. Paradoxically, Windows in the cloud will also work offline. Basically it is that we will be able to work directly in this version and the changes will be saved automatically when the connection is restored. Instead of encountering an error, Windows 365 will work as normal, except that changes won’t sync until we go online.

At the moment Microsoft has not announced in which versions or when all these news will arrive. Some of them have already been seen in the development versions and it is expected that little by little they will appear in the new betas.

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