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All the premieres in April 2022 of Prime Video and Filmin: ‘Night Sky’, ‘No Time to Die’, ‘Val’ and much more

From the calm and slow-burning science fiction of ‘Night Sky’ to the ups and downs of a career that has also been developed among stars, but those of Hollywood, that ‘Val’ tells us. And all the James Bond movies. Three very different proposals for two very different platforms, Prime Video and Filmin. We review some of its most relevant releases for the month of May.

Netflix premieres in May 2022: 69 original series, movies and documentaries

Prime Video: new movies, series and documentaries

James Bond movie collection

In one of the most forceful blows on the table in the panorama of streaming In recent times, Prime Video makes the complete James Bond filmography available to all its subscribers, including Daniel Craig’s latest film, ‘No Time to Die’. A pan of action and adventure movie classics that Amazon has owned since its purchase of MGM, thanks to which it has acquired an interesting catalog of movies of all kinds.

‘Night Sky’

A different perspective of science fiction is the one that ‘Night Sky’ seems to propose, an exclusive Prime Video series with an unusual and very powerful cast. Nothing less than two undisputed veterans, JK Simmons and Sissy Spaceck, give life to a mature married couple who have a secret in their garden: a shed that is a door to another planet. When they decide that perhaps they should share their secret, a strange stranger makes his appearance, causing them to question the extent of their discovery.

Other Prime Video releases

  • James Bond movies collection (01/05)
  • ‘The Wilds’ Season 2 (05/06)
  • ‘Bosch. Legacy’ (06/05)
  • ‘Bad Boys for Life’ (08/05)
  • ‘The Addams Family 2. The Great Escape’ (05/08)
  • ‘Lola Indigo. The girl’ (13/05)
  • ‘Disappeared’ S2 (05/13)
  • ‘fatima. The movie’ (05/13)
  • ‘Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls’ (05/13)
  • ‘The Kids in the Hall’ (05/13)
  • ‘Emma’ (05/19)
  • ‘Trolls World Tour’ (05/19)
  • ‘LOL. If you laugh, you lose’ T2 (05/20)
  • ‘Totems’ (05/20)
  • ‘Night Sky’ (05/20)

Filmin: new films, series and documentaries


An emotional but also delirious documentary about Val Kilmer, his days as a star and the hard times he is currently going through, separated from the world of cinema after having been one of its great stars, and built almost exclusively from thousands of hours of recordings homemade that the actor made in all his movies since he was very young. A delicious review of a stimulating career and a personality that overflows with charisma.

Premiere on May 20

Other premieres in Filmin

  • ‘Brassic’ S3 (05/03)
  • ‘100 days with Tata’ (05/04)
  • ‘Jane for Charlotte’ (05/06)
  • ‘The honest spy’ (05/06)
  • ‘First Love’ (05/06)
  • ‘Gora Automatikoa’ (05/06)
  • ‘Grey Gardens’ (05/09)
  • ‘The accusation’ (05/10)
  • ‘Guilt’ (05/13)
  • Mulholland Drive (05/13)
  • Inland Empire (05/13)
  • ‘The Elephant Man’ (05/13)
  • ‘Cow’ (05/13)
  • ‘The time of happiness’ S2 (05/17)
  • ‘The story of my wife’ (05/20)
  • ‘Irreversible – Integral Investment’ (05/20)
  • ‘Val’ (05/20)
  • ‘The case’ (05/20)
  • ‘Manayek’ (05/24)
  • ‘Ariaferma’ (05/27)
  • ‘A restless love’ (05/27)
  • ‘Film Music Fest 2022’ (05/27)
  • ‘Parliament’ Season 2 (05/31)

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