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All the premieres in June 2022 of Prime Video, Movistar Plus + and Filmin: ‘The Boys’, ‘Everything you love’ and much more

Love stories in which Nazism is a key ingredient, superhero series where the villains are the ones wearing the capes and movies shot with ridiculous means that become brutal blockbusters. June is the month of contradictions in our review of Prime Video, Fimin and Movistar Plus+ programming.

Prime Video: new movies, series and documentaries

‘The Boys’ S3

The latest trailer for one of Prime Video’s star series makes it very clear: to the beat of the Beach Boys’ ‘Heroes and Villains’, this season will mean, on the one hand, Patriota’s total loss of control, and on the other another, the balance between the opposing forces in the series: Butcher acquires powers, which will lead to more than one disagreement in the group. And also, the presentation in society of Soldier Boy, a wily version of Captain America that can pose a threat to everyone.

Other Prime Video releases

  • The Boys S3 (06/03)
  • ‘Clifford. The big red dog’ (3/06)
  • ‘Agents 355’ (8/06)
  • ‘Fairfax’ S2 (06/10)
  • ‘No limits’ (06/10)
  • ‘The summer I fell in love’ (06/17)
  • ‘My Fake Boyfriend’ (06/17)
  • ‘The world is yours’ (06/17)
  • ‘Chloé’ (06/24)
  • ‘Moonfall’ (06/24)
  • ‘The One That Got Away’ (06/24)
  • ‘The Gucci house’ (06/26)
  • ‘Kajillionaire’ (06/26)

'The Boys', season 2: the brutal superheroic satire returns to Amazon Prime Video more violent, black and ruthless than ever

Filmin: new films, series and documentaries

‘everything you love’

Screenshot 2022 05 30 To S 14 34 05

The new series from the writer of ‘Young & Promising’, Marie Hafting, and the director of ‘Home Ground’, Stian Kristiansen, is this Norwegian production that deals with the complicated romance between a girl and a young man who has a double life as part of neo-Nazi groups with whom he contacts through the internet. The abysses of the network are just one more piece in a puzzle that raises the tricky question of whether it is possible to fall in love with someone with a toxic ideology… even knowing it.

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Other premieres in Filmin

  • ‘The Royal Game’ (3/06)
  • ‘June Again’ (3/06)
  • ‘Suspects’ (7/06)
  • ‘The Villa Caprice case’ (06/10)
  • ‘We Were Eleven Kids’ (06/10)
  • The Minister (06/14)
  • ‘The fragrance of first love’ (06/17)
  • ‘A little plan… how to save the planet’ (06/17)
  • ‘Reyka’ (06/21)
  • ‘Dirty Games’ (06/25)
  • ‘Everything you love’ (06/28)

Netflix premieres in June 2022: 75 original series, movies and documentaries

Movistar Plus+: new movies, series and documentaries

‘The story of Paranormal Activity’

Screenshot 2022 05 30 To S 10 13 05

A detailed analysis of one of the biggest blockbusters of modern horror cinema: how an extremely modest film and heir to the style found footage from ‘The Blair Witch Project’ but with a domestic setting, it became the most profitable film in history, generating dozens of imitators and its own franchise. An interesting look at one of the sagas that have marked the course of cinema today.

Other premieres on Movistar Plus +

  • ‘Lemon Poppy Seed Bread’ (3/06)
  • ‘Harry Palmer: The Ipcress File’ (06/06)
  • ‘Ukraine: women in war’ (06/06)
  • ‘The wheel of fortune and fantasy’ (7/06)
  • ‘Hive (Hive)’ (7/06)
  • ‘Sagrada Familia: Gaudí’s challenge’ (7/06)
  • ‘Way Down’ (06/10)
  • ‘Trigger Point: out of control’ (06/13)
  • ‘Ukraine: flee or stay’ (06/13)
  • ‘Super… who?’ (06/15)
  • ‘Years of drought’ (06/17)
  • ‘The story of Paranormal Activity’ (06/17)
  • ‘Paranormal Activity: relatives’ (06/18)
  • ‘We need to talk about Cosby’ (06/19)
  • ‘The rise of the Nazis’ S2 (06/20)
  • ‘7 lakes, 7 lives’ (06/21)
  • ‘Lamb’ (06/22)
  • ‘Ghostbusters: Beyond’ (06/24)
  • ‘Nest of Vipers (Beasts Clawing at Straws)’ (06/28)
  • ‘Sacred Spirit’ (06/28)
  • ‘Prisoners of Ghostland’ (06/29)
  • ‘The First Lady’ (06/30)

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