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All the series and movies that premiere in April on Amazon Prime Video, a long-awaited Spanish series returns

We already know the premieres of Amazon Prime Video for the month of April. They are not as abundant as the ones on Netflix, but there are some interesting things.

amazon prime video has sent us a press release with series and movies that premieres from April 1.

Have one of the most followed Spanish series, a film about a famous Italian singer, and some curiosities. It must be recognized that this new content focuses on a very specific audience, there are no great series for everyone that are going to break audience records.

The April premiere on Amazon Prime Video most prominent is Season 2 of The Boarding School: The Heights. A Spanish teen horror series that has a large following. You can watch the trailer here:

The riot that followed the death of a certain character outraged the director, who now imposes an even stricter discipline than the one already in force at the center.

A serial killer is on the loose at Las Cumbres boarding school, and the students seem to have found a connection to rituals and experiments from centuries ago.

Season 2 of El Internado Las Cumbres premieres on April 1.

A week later, the April 8arrives Season 4 of Mothers, Love and Life. Personal stories and medical cases contextualized in a new environment and with new characters. A new perspective of Los Arcos Hospital based on the important changes that occurred during the third season in the professional and vital course of Dr. Olivia Zavala (Aida Folch).

Two will be the premiere series. On the one hand Outer Range, which centers on the life of Royal Abbott, a rancher fighting for his land and his family, who uncovers an incomprehensible mystery on the fringes of the Wyoming wilderness. Directed by and starring Oscar nominee Josh Brolin. It arrives on April 15.

Better days follows the process of overcoming five characters who meet in a peculiar grief therapy for parents who have lost their partner. The series recounts the hard times that result from the loss of a loved one, optimistically showing how, despite the wounds, sooner or later it is possible to laugh again, love and, above all, live again. April 22.

Others April series on Amazon Prime Video:

  • La Jauria Season 2 – April 15
  • Undone Season 2 – April 29

Movies and documentaries

With a large number of fans in Spain, the Italian singer Laura Pausini premieres the documentary feature film Laura Pausini – Nice to meet you.

What would have happened if Laura hadn’t won the Sanremo Music Festival that night in 1993?

This device is used to play streaming content directly on your television or monitor. It has applications such as Netflix, HBO or Spotify, in addition to 4K resolution.

For the first time, the queen of Italian pop steps in front of the cameras of a feature film and shows her true soul to the audience through never-before-seen moments from her private and professional life. Premiere on April 7.

Others films arriving throughout the month on Amazon Prime Video:

  • A Wolf Like Me – April 1
  • Never, almost never, sometimes, always – April 1
  • Jumanji – The Next Level – April 4
  • A date with the past – April 8 (Amazon Original)
  • Coupon Queens – April 15 (Amazon Exclusive)
  • At the Court of the Little Prince – April 22 (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Arifureta – April 22
  • Respect – April 24
  • Bang Bang Baby – April 28
  • Blow Me Up – April 28
  • I Love America – April 29 (Amazon Original)
  • Clarice – April 29.
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Amazon Prime Video also launches a new channel dedicated to flamenco, called All Flamenco.

And inside the AMC pack, the new channel El Gourmetwith Latin American recipes.

Today it has also been revealed that a remake of the legendary Yellow Humor contest will soon be released.

In this other news you have the premieres of Netflix in April.

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